You are not welcome

Yes, I am not complains to say
That it’s time to
Don’t give a damn
About what those whispers have to say
I silenced the pain
With a simple scream
I give a fuck
About this damned depression
Osho says that pain came
And need to go
So, it’s time to forget the “hello”
And just kick this sick
Out of here


Don’t use knife when drunk

Oh dear… Holy shit
Isn’t safe play with knife
When you are drunk
And try to make an sandwich
But what I really want to say
It’s good think about you
Even when blood flows through my fingers…
I like you, so please, forget this little piece…  =P

New Song!

New Song!

Do you like #house music? Like to #dance ? Maybe you like #hot_pursuit? Music for #wild_sex? Or #aftersex music to keep all things “up”? Put your volume on MAX and enjoy my new song “Drunk by Dub (REMIXED in HOUSE VER.)