part of the whole

People aren’t real, when they are sober…
your lack of wisdom
don’t need be explained because you aren’t older
it’s easy to find the reason
all your attention
you spend with the wrong motivation
likes and shares
do you have any idea of who really care?
Good for you
if you don’t give a damn about all this kind of weirdo
but if you do
don’t get mad or sad
you are just part of the whole



You played that role for years
abusing the good will of the others
fake smile and cold hug
how do you dare call them “brothers”?
spilling your venom thru their ears
turning to gray a life full of colours
you made this game a drug
and your addiction made you the lion
without a kingdom to rule, scion

Illusion of Relief

Why so much confusion
about the deepest fears
about the illusion of relief
under our fake smile, only depression
even the warm sun can’t make these black clouds disappear
sound so familiar this kind of confession
you can read this lines
in a thousand profiles
around the globe, around your neigbourhood
sad to see, even more to listen
“it’s just a phase, it’s just a bad moment”
cuts, tears, suicide letters,
a lot made just to ask for help
forgotten, because this kind of behavior
don’t look so well…

Guilty by

I’ll accuse myself
guilty by the pleasure
of being sad, mad, stand
in the same place that you can find
a paper, ink,
letters about dreams and nightmares
sketches about me and a perfect place
where pain doesn’t exist
God, the real one
don’t need to think about punishment
and us don’t need to pray and live in constant lament
about the maleficant
moment that God look down and choose one of us
to prove his existence
excuse, excuse
I’m realy sorry, but this place
have no meaning to exist
and even if could
you would not be invited, sinner like you are
this place would burn faster than a simple blink

Asked me

Laments, scary, lonely like
that night
that you asked me why
you felt betrayed by
someone that you love
without need of word
I hugged you and said
“if in silent you feel it’s right
in silence we remain until sun rise again
but this urge pain, my friend
only a deep look inside your wound
made only by you
will tell you the truth
if this pain is passenger
or the anger
will blind you, and
sent you to a fake wonderland”

this story don’t found an end
but the silence beetwen us
already speaks about…


Sad boy, silly boy
old story
same characters
so seat, enjoy
you just need shout
and everybody will look out
even if you don’t have nothing special
you know how to sell this shit all
a yellow smile
a fake hug for awhile
you conquer the trust
and give a damn about the lust
make the others dreams became dust
sad boy, silly boy
think that can be a man
just becase you think?
believe me, isn’t so easy
but, it’s your decision still be silly