Star that inspires (secret poem to my future wife)

So, one year ago
not so far
far was that star
that I looked, night after night
that I used her shine to guide
my heart, my rhymes
my tears, my fears
to find another purpose to my life
but…how blessed I am
I don’t need to look up, to the sky
the shine that I need
comes from your smile
comes from your eyes…

So and so

Some people wait all their life
to find a moment of love
that give sense
for all the pain lived for so long
damn, so I feel so
blessed, so alive and happy for all this
life that you bring to me, with only single smile…

Send me home

All that I want
is that place called “hug”
that’s makes me feel alive and happy
hold me tight, hold me tight enough
to make me feel like a bird, ready to fly
this confused of intense feelings that looks like ready to fight
but is the way that I can say
my way to trying to explain
that your arms are the place that I want to stay
for seconds, minutes, hours, a whole day


I tried to drawing
but my limited skills in this kind of art
makes me realize that I must try
another kind of attempt to show off my love for ya
poems and lines about your smile
but, sorry, nothing can compare
the emotion that you make me feel
and the thousand poems that I write into my mind
in ten seconds before my lips have the blessing of your kiss
makes me feel so bliss
all the pain, all the agony
even if I am blind
you bring colours, light
you take all the hurt out of me
with only ten seconds…
imagine a life time
what gonna be?

From One Year Ago…

Girl,one year ago
and I already know
you are the one
you are the woman that I want
I gave to you a ring
not made of gold, but my intention is
I really want to us use the same key
to open the door that bring us to our home
and, I hope that you like this little poem
that I really want to share with ya
my rhymes about this love
will never stop, I hope that never gone
like my buttlerflies that you feed everytime
that I see you and you smile

Open eye dream

My girlfriend is always by my side
if I want see her smile
all I have to do is tell to her
about my dreams about our marriage
about her being my wife
about names and nicknames of our future kids
she always freaks out
and talks about some silly joke to distract
but, like I always say
“you are the most pretty one, babe
I want write poems and another thousand lines
about you and me, about our life”
and she smile and smile, asking for a kiss
so, how could I denied?

You Came

I am just another one in need
of someone to show the way
out of the cage
that I had built with my own hand

I want to fly
but my wings was denied
or, I just stripped out
hoping to aluccinate because the pain

You came, soft like a balm
You healed my wounds, you sutured my bled
You appeased my rage
You made me turn the page