Ghost and his point of view (pt. 10)

I stare, alone
kids playing, until sun fading
and I go deep, through my memories
trying to reach the feeling
of my feet into the sand, running from my father
playing hide and seek
hoping to find him quick…

but…theres nothing for me
theres nothing here
only a dark room
without any thing, only the certain of my doom
I running from you
I played hide and seek with no one
cos, nobody cares to find
who never leave his hidding place, inside his mind


Ghost and his point of view (pt. 8)

Are these a heal problem?
or a real problem?
stay up late
waiting a message that never came
thinking about what you not sent
a “fuck you, you are late”
or “I want my jacket back, thanks”
are these real problems?
heal problems? my mind playing with me
betraying my real meaning here
I miss all the text that I never sent
and… that I never will send


Ghost and his point of view (pt. 7)

Dark clouds
not always brings storms
loud, loud
it’s a thunder?
or our belly, a bag full of worms
like a swarm
bees without a queen
no sense of exist
like these flaws
into my skin
that liberate
my other me
that betrays my sense of purpose
I am alive
or, just like others
I am just another zombie?


Ghost and his point of view (pt.2)

I see a river
that I cannot cross
the water are so cold
shiver, shiver
maybe it’s because remembers me about that loss

I put one part of me in that river
now have a lot of sense
feel the shiver inside of my essence
my sins are now emboss

unbrace the inner source to surface
corrupting the river with empty
empty? how empty could be
someone with so many agony



If the sun refused to shine
I cannot see any problem
I just need remember your smile

I promise, it’s no lie
you illuminates, not only a cloudy day
or the most dark night
you illuminates my life
you smile, and I can confide
there’s no black hole or trap in my way

So… please… smile to me
brings your light to our life
show me the prove that I always ask for
that God sent to me an angel
and I don’t need nothing more