So sad
a pretty sun outside
and a endless rain
inside my head…


Send me home

All that I want
is that place called “hug”
that’s makes me feel alive and happy
hold me tight, hold me tight enough
to make me feel like a bird, ready to fly
this confused of intense feelings that looks like ready to fight
but is the way that I can say
my way to trying to explain
that your arms are the place that I want to stay
for seconds, minutes, hours, a whole day

No Shiver…

Do me a favor
check your lips
before the next kiss
taste bitter
have the sign of a sinner
flavour? about flavour?
have the flavour of a thousand of ships
a lot of scents and a extreme sensation of miss
of the purity of the shiver


So, am I an idiot
there’s no argumentation,
final point for this conclusion…
a second or two
to understand the beauty
of be the guilty
of always point the finger
and do my best to give to this feeling
the best time, linger
and appreciatte the singular sensation
of be the only one to understand
the weigth of innocence
of be…

Let’s sleep

I feel so complete
when your hug is tight
and I know that I can kiss you all the night
making you laugh
with silly jokes and nothing normal
but, with us, sound so natural
so, let’s lay and sleep
I promise to keep
holding your hand
until the Sun rise and shine
like you did to my life
with your smile


Ever I behold
her smile, her fluffy hair
and stop to listen
her heart beat, her voice telling me
about her wills, about her dreams
she makes me feel like gold
love shines and valorizes day after day
and look to her is like my new addiction
stay with her, is all that I need to feel complete
it’s so pretty, so amazing
like listen to a song sing by streams
giving peace, giving another way
to reach a sweet piece of heaven
making possible a strange kind of benediction
to an old sinner like this fake poet
to a guy who lives inside a prision
to find a key…to find freedom