Unique Fragrance

I already wrote about her scent
not from the bottle, the kind of scent that came from her neck
after a long day in the office, after our hug, after our sex
this kind of scent, sorry, it’s a unique fragrance
Herrera or Dior, they can not even get close
so, I can feel like I am a lucky man
she gives me inspiration for my poems
a warm place to rest my head
kisses that hooked me
another hundred reasons to feel in love
like her scent, like her smile
and my dreams that one day, I will write about it


Sweat sweet

Scent, of sweat sweet
coming from your neck
after we have our lovely sex
this is the best fragrance I’ve ever felt
there’s no bottle, no expensive perfume
that can get close to your smell
it’s addicting, like your lips, like your eyes
staring me, so lovely, so wild
love, defiled
sweet poison, my desire
I drink it till entire
like a fountain, have no end
what I have to do to make you understand
it’s more than a merely passion, that I want to be your boyfriend
(sorry for this last line
but this flu it’s fucking up with my rhymes
but there’s no need to pretend,
I want to be your boyfriend =P )

Sex, dirty words and love

I want you over me
Doing what we do so well
I can’t stop thinking about our moments
Sex, dirty words, love
Don’t freak out, you know what I mean
Just you and me
When you look into my eyes
And want some more
And all that I have to say is “yes”
So, come here and let’s make it happen

Not so lonely night

Another nightmare,
another night without you here
But it’s OK, it’s about you who i’m thinking
To calm down, to relax, to dreaming
about your hug, jokes, smile and kisses
About my hands in your hair
And how your scent still in the air
So, please, wake me up only when your head is laid into my chest

About unicorns and cookies

I can fill this lines with epics tales and sonetos,
but this one it’s about a little kitty, that we can call “Daniels”,
she is so pretty that you don’t want to let her go,
and warm that you don’t need to care about cold,
her smile it’s so wonderful,
that make me think about rainbows (?!)
and maybe eat cookie riding an unicorn,
No, i’m not using LSD or something like,
it’s her making me think about something good,love,  maybe porn?
calm down babe, it’s all just to rhyme, and don’t need to have sense,
but if you can understand it, give me another chance,
to make poems looking into your eyes, kissing you and never saying “goodbye”

Dirty beauty

Your beauty it’s so dirty
like a rose, dead in a pillow of rotten petals
your everything is so empty
always guilty of being so pretty
but your words are so shallow, deserves pity
to give a sense, I hit the bottle
and lights came out, like angels
but there’s no soft choir, no pigeons
only the memory of sadistic and ironic nights
wasting my time, looking to your picture…

(+18) NSFW

one is left behind
two and three are making an orgy
four is the position that one are waiting
to be fucked by five inch dick
six and seven are the attempts of escape
eight is the number of failures, so try again
nine is the years that you spends
to remember that ten is the number of times that you pretends