Many names and only one really matter

Damn, I can’t fill this lines like a great poet
even with great inspiration, of Poe, Emily Dickinson, Alighieri, T. S. Eliot
Maybe I can talk about Robert Burns too, but his irony it’s completely different
and your name isn’t Ana, right?
But I promise someday whisper “The Fornicator”… Burns was a philanderer
I can use some names of great philosophers,
like Locke, Epicurus, Quine or Plato
but, for now, I don’t care about caves or existence
or even about wine, stars and crow
it’s your name that I want to write
it’s about this whole universe that I saw looking into your eyes
and the warm of your arms
about first thing in the morning it’s about the memory of your smile
and all this good stuff that you bring to me… how I can denied?