Life is a balance
a constant test of endurance
resist to find a peace
resilience to find other place
where pain and misery can’t reach,
or the weak and poor preach
from the ones that must talk about love
but only have hate on their tongues
they took the right for wrong
looks like the psalms was wrote with the wrong words
so hard to understand, ever worse
to make sense in this modern times
If you ask me why
I look so tired of these lines
about hipocrites that think
that God it’s only to them
believe me, you understood these rhymes


Lil J

Jazzy night
rhymes don’t sync, the rhythm changes in a blink
bright like my eye
when I mesmerize
the memory of your smile
I make my rhymes in sync with your walk
and I can’t sound better than my silence
cuz what makes me silent it’s your lips giving me life
so let’s see if you know what I mean
it’s you the best improvising beat that I ever have listened
the soft solo that’s send me away
away from my pain
but, like old school jazz master, you must have a nick name
let’s call you “Lil J”

I Guess

I guess
do you have a problem that you want share to
have support and a thousand of “likes” and VR hugs, confess
this kind of affection give chills and makes you do
anything that devil whisper and you
cut the strings of selfcompassion
makes a constant humilation to improve your contamination
to brainless that have nothing to give and less to gain
it’s OK, it’s all right, OK?
it’s all that you can say
to do not corrupt your crowd
so, this is the show?
how many followers do you have?
and how much of them stop and listen to ya
yeah, yeah, the sound of silence sounds so sad…


between your last lie
and a request to confide
you must confess
you have a heart
ready to be burned
but that still beat
what hell you did?
sold your soul
for a pound or seven pieces of gold?
you put a price to your honor
and I just can say “too expensive, sir”


Dizem para não se revoltar
mas como não voltar
a mesma insistente necessidade
de falar a verdade
não me diga que não te agride
ter de parecer com aquele astro de TV
ou a “bela” da capa da revista
existe mesmo essa realidade?
então resista, invista
faça da sua mente sua fortaleza
aumente sua real riqueza
seja a diferença
seja negra, gordo, anorexica
não importa tua crença
mas seja parte da diferença
então resista, invista
não faça parte da massa
seja aquele que derruba o que manipula
alguns não tem culpa
de seguirem o fluxo, a mão oculta
como teias de aranha, enrroscam
te prendem, sufocam
mas não desista, resista
então resista, invista


Like a ism
fanatics sing the hymn
about how he can save them
bullets and guns
a bible as a shield
words more sharp than a razor
can penetrate without endeavor
even with a light of a thousand suns
the darkness that these acts bring
can’t be beaten without resistence
resist, resit, insist,
resist, resit, end it


Em um país polarizado
é mais fácil estar errado
tão ruim estar limitado
a pensar e logo ser julgado
apontado, para uma grande maioria você é culpado
sem direito a advogado
a certeza é tamanha
que quem te julga já encarna o papel de carrasco
pronto para descer o machado