So sad
a pretty sun outside
and a endless rain
inside my head…



So, am I an idiot
there’s no argumentation,
final point for this conclusion…
a second or two
to understand the beauty
of be the guilty
of always point the finger
and do my best to give to this feeling
the best time, linger
and appreciatte the singular sensation
of be the only one to understand
the weigth of innocence
of be…


Your name became
the best word
to describe
the most precious feeling in this world
do not rhyme with love
but is the name that I use
to describe it

Ghost and his point of view (pt.2)

I see a river
that I cannot cross
the water are so cold
shiver, shiver
maybe it’s because remembers me about that loss

I put one part of me in that river
now have a lot of sense
feel the shiver inside of my essence
my sins are now emboss

unbrace the inner source to surface
corrupting the river with empty
empty? how empty could be
someone with so many agony


I wish I was a thought
like a good wind, that blows
but, like always, I forgot
sometimes you move, and expose
not the best part, not the good one

I wish I was a fire
to burn down bridges
that lead us to fake promises
an kingdom, ruled by a liar
who fed us, with sweet kisses and rotten candies

I wish I was a lake
where you can see your pretty face
wash your body in a warm day
of cry, this lake will never dry
or even, share your fears and tears

I wish I was a solid
like a old tree or a large piece of gold
precious, that have great valor
but, like all this poem, it’s so simbolic
my attempts of being something…

I wish, I wish
but there’s no Shenglong or Jinn
there’s only you and me
and all that I wish
it’s be the best I can, to never lose the chance
of accomplish your desires