Rain only below my umbrella?

I can fill these lines
with angry, anxiety and some lies
about how warm tomorrow will be
without pain,
with nothing to complain
but how it could happen
with this non-stop rainy day?
Even if, it’s only me
the one that need
stay away from the street…



A knot without untie
like dreams without meaning
or nightmare without sleep
eyes wide open and attention divide
what if I can’t realize
that my dreams and reality are things apart?
one I only can think about
like a cloud
far away, something that never been touched
and the other
it’s just like a castle of sand
hard to build, easy to take away

Dices, choices and lights

I roll the dice
I choose my side
no matter left or right
I look forward
I give a damn for what I left behind
the past can change my future
but my future I write
and rewrite how many times
so many times that I must to make it right
If only a single light
of a little candle can fight
and won against dark, make it fright
I will be the one who will rise
the candle that I have in my eyes


I can’t take a picture
without think about
it’s a moment or a “like”
that I want to capture?
In a search for a rapture
a lot of filters, angles and ideas
seconds, minutes or even hours missed
to one snap without meaning
“likes”, shares and a strange feeling
“It’s me or this fake moment
that people want?”


I know that in this night
I will sleep a little less
but I must confess
with this “misfits”
we have no limits
I can laugh
and I be proud
of being part of this split
our “frydate” party

No Virtue

Patience isn’t my virtue
and I must confess that it’s not something that I pursue
curious is
that when I pray for patience, hate is what I receive
count to a million times, and I hold my breath, please, give me bliss
it’s a total miss
my eyes rollin and my mind exploding
my veins pumping angry direct to my brain
my heart ready to reach their limit
WTF I did? WTH I must swallow it? Why don’t you STFU?!
Shut tha fuck up! Shut tha fuck up! Shut tha fuck up!
I find a corner, I shut the door
the peace of silence it’s interupted by your need to be
annoying, hipocrite, cyranide
without need of why
leave me by…


A mouth without any teeth
a eyes that can’t see
ears that listen only their own breath
mournings in forms of void
can you feel it?
can you fell in it?
Sharp like shark teeths
you point the fingers and set your deeds
even if this or that won’t deserve mention
a word don’t have the same importance than action
can’t you feel it?
can’t you fell into it?
in addition
another contradiction
you feel it?
you fell on it?