Meaning of…

I’ll be the silence
when everyone talks
about love and smile
about past and future
about the last regret
and the meaning of my mute



Unkind, be like
fake smile
be like drowning
in the middle of Nile
without lifeboat
without know
how to swimming
only the malevolent truth
no matter how strong you shout
nobody will jump in to save
the sad true is
you don’t need to go to Nile
to feel this despair
open your eyes
and try to take a deep breath
heavy air, heavy air
so unfair
our Nile is around of us

Pumpkin chariot

Like an stupid idiot
I believed that romantic dreams
can change the human being
So, like a pumpkin chariot
I tried to bring pretty things
like a prince
to a commoner
or the most pretty queen
to talk to the pierrot, the clown
but, how I will convince
people that don’t dream
living only in the real world
where they doesn’t have chance to be a king
or voice to protest against this sad words
…I still dreaming, believing

Ghost and his point of view ( pt. 17 )

There’s another voice here
God, are you?
can you forgive me?
(silence….only silence….)
How stupid I am
trust in company here
even God denies me
only me or all human being?
or God is now inside a screen?
everyone that I see,
have their heads bowed down
I must confess, they make me laugh
stupids, all stupids, like stupids clowns
the love of their lives, passing by
their side, in front of them
but they prefer to look to a cold screen
what if I scream?
“God, you still listen?”
(no answer…)
“Hey you, little man”
(a boy, screaming about Growlithe
WTF is this shit?)
Nobody listen, nobody care
it seems right?
I am lost in middle of this
(and WTF is a damn Growlithe? A puppy?)