Old therapy

I drive my car
listening tears falling, so far
it’s my eyes washing my face
trying to give me the real state
of what I have done, driven by hate
against me, looking at the mirror
from darkness to a moment more clearer
I have no answer



Your envy
it’s not my enemy
it’s more like a birthday cake
pretty, big
with ornaments and candles
marvelous, like a great gig
pyrotechnics, electric
putrid, exothic
like my wish
of everything that you send to me
come back to you
multiplied by three

Ghost and his point of view ( pt. 17 )

There’s another voice here
God, are you?
can you forgive me?
(silence….only silence….)
How stupid I am
trust in company here
even God denies me
only me or all human being?
or God is now inside a screen?
everyone that I see,
have their heads bowed down
I must confess, they make me laugh
stupids, all stupids, like stupids clowns
the love of their lives, passing by
their side, in front of them
but they prefer to look to a cold screen
what if I scream?
“God, you still listen?”
(no answer…)
“Hey you, little man”
(a boy, screaming about Growlithe
WTF is this shit?)
Nobody listen, nobody care
it seems right?
I am lost in middle of this
(and WTF is a damn Growlithe? A puppy?)

…half-year ago

I can tell you
it’s for sure
a half-year ago
I could not see all these colors
I could not rhyme pretty poems
or talk about love
like I do easily now
how I look forward
and see light
not darkness or deadly end

Ghost and his point of view (pt. 13)

The window
broken, like my glasses
there’s no wind to blow
the scent of burned grass

Maybe like a blind
trying to survive
I try to guide my conscious
by the sound
of heart beats
that I do not know how
I still listen
even after dead
and without anybody around

slow down…slow down
the heart beat is dying
like my hope
of get out of this no end maze
looks like my crazy craze
of never ending…


She shines
like a star, like neon
hypnotized, hypnotized
I want to see all the tricks
one blink and she brings all the signs
a trip deep inside of my heart, that plays with my mind
like a crazy mix
of trip hop with opera with blues, we sing
a lovely melodie
using our body to make the beat
whispers that no one must know the meaning
keep shining, babe…