Lines about J

She makes me rethink
about meanings and feelings
of a perfect afternoon
or a night with a walk outside to appreciate the moon
early morning with her at my side
it’s never too early
because the hours running like seconds
seconds, one millisecond and I must decide the direction
look to her eyes and recite a poem
or kiss without care about what happens next?
hours, days of messages, a lot of text
about dreams, day and night, project
of us, together
in a big house, in a lost island
in a penthouse, in to ghetto
no care about place,
name of something like “palace”
I care about be with her


Ghost and his point of view (pt. 8)

Are these a heal problem?
or a real problem?
stay up late
waiting a message that never came
thinking about what you not sent
a “fuck you, you are late”
or “I want my jacket back, thanks”
are these real problems?
heal problems? my mind playing with me
betraying my real meaning here
I miss all the text that I never sent
and… that I never will send


Long trip

Babe, can you hold my hand?
it’s a long trip that I want to do
maybe only one backpack isn’t enough
but we can buy another one
but, the most important here
is that I really want you with me
but, like I said before
it’s a long trip…
I want to meet new places
look to another sunrises
walking through different kind of cloudy days
with your hand holding mine
and, when we feel tired
we lay, side by side
and we will count some stars,
or I will find another constellation into your eyes
I already told ya why I love to spend some nights
watching you sleep?
(maybe in another poem…
remember, now I want to convince ya
to take this trip with me)
So, about the trip
I have no better partner
and I confide in ya, your hand guides me
so…do you want to spend some years
helping me to convince ya
that you are the one that I choose
to explore this whole universe
that only have some sense
since the first time I saw your smile



It’s a morning yearning
your lips into mine
soft touch, like wings of angel
from inside, I can feel the burning

my eyes feel so blessed
when they can see you
the first thing in the morning
you are always like “a good morning”, even better if your are undressed

morning love
and I feel better
your hug after
my personal heaven

It’ a afternoon yearning
take a coffee with you
with time like a Bolt
running minutes like a seconds

and I keep returning
takin every little second
to appreciate your beauty
and keep this writting

like a thousand times I already said
you are the most pretty poem
that I can never write
but I still trying

It’ a night yearning
lay my head
into your chest
listening your heart, slowly

like a hushabye
you softly calm me down
to sleep and keep dreaming
about me and you

It’ a life yearning
be so lucky
to live and find
someone like you


walking slowly

You and I walking slowly
don’t need to worry
the destiny is our bed
but, before that
let’s leave some footprints in the sand
or walk around with moon been our witness
of declarations of love
involve me, involve
let’s forget our evil enemy
time, always him, the time
but… even him, have envy
so, let’s pretend that he was invited too
to our private party