About ends and beginnings

When I met you
make me rethink
about ends and beginnings

It’s all a loop, a never ending process
like my addiction in your kiss
and freak me out, cuz it’s not a reminiscence

And all looks perfect in this experience
even when you think that it’s not possible
you send me close to something impossible

And I must be grateful
for every second
that I can look into your eyes and say “I am with you”



What if we try to fix
the broken promises that we listened
the dreams that we shared
the pain that made me look so despised
and found in you, a new route, a new north
so, gimme you hand and let’s enjoy

Simple Lie

Let’s begin with a simple lie
only you and I
I pretend that I care
you pretends that you understands
every word to you it’s sharp like a knife
every wound from you it’s like a trophy, made me a champ
every hug it’s like an armageddon
but when our eyes collide, it’s like a phenomenon
Thunderstorm and earthquakes, Tsunamis and apocalypse
Oh darling, sorry, I forget
it’s just to be a simple lie, something easily to pretend…

Blood as ink

Carved inside
dead poems and no sight of light
empty promises echoing
knife is the pen, your arms the paper
there’s nothing left, good feelings are dead and rotten
look forward and see nothing
you are not blessed by blindness
see all the happiness that you can’t get
it’s the worst nightmare that you can have….

Dirty beauty

Your beauty it’s so dirty
like a rose, dead in a pillow of rotten petals
your everything is so empty
always guilty of being so pretty
but your words are so shallow, deserves pity
to give a sense, I hit the bottle
and lights came out, like angels
but there’s no soft choir, no pigeons
only the memory of sadistic and ironic nights
wasting my time, looking to your picture…


Crush by the feelings
that betrays and confused, slowly pace
mood that constantly changes
bored, sexy,faster, empty
creed in the envy, beloved agony
revelations through epiphany
no caption needed to understand this misery
of wake up another day without you here with me


Soweth the anger to harvest the epiphany
hurt, pain and screams to celebrate
the understand of your existence
underneath your happy face
you know the hungry will eat you from inside
your soul enjoy the party
cuz your sins have finally been defeated
but your heart are a great deceiver
betrays you, lied to you, make you believes
that this is all a painful mistake
the posibility of a new begining is awful
so, you neglects all you conquers
to regress to your selfishness
enjoying your blasphemy and mediocrity