Evening walk

My heart talk
about that evening walk
it’s cute, I have to admit it
how happy he talk about
love born again…and, finally
he want this…he allow…


Ever I behold
her smile, her fluffy hair
and stop to listen
her heart beat, her voice telling me
about her wills, about her dreams
she makes me feel like gold
love shines and valorizes day after day
and look to her is like my new addiction
stay with her, is all that I need to feel complete
it’s so pretty, so amazing
like listen to a song sing by streams
giving peace, giving another way
to reach a sweet piece of heaven
making possible a strange kind of benediction
to an old sinner like this fake poet
to a guy who lives inside a prision
to find a key…to find freedom

Better than heaven

There’s a place
between here and heaven
that only I can see
and only I can reach
there’s only one key
it’s opened with a single move
from your pretty lips
it’s your smile, babe
it’s your smile that send me to this lovely place
that I never want leave, God know’s, I don’t want leave

Wise, Wide, Wif…

Back to when all I had were just dreams
about have a band or write a book about nightmares or modernity
or, even more crazy, make success in a youtube channel
you appeared and changed everything
my poems talk about you and me, about love and better things
maybe my book will talk about redemption or victory
and I do not seem quite so bad in my show
but the best part of it is
even if I live for thousand years
I never ever could be so blessed to dream
about something so marvelous
like your smile and kiss
your hug and bites (?!)
you always put me so high
and helping me to think about a better life
you are the girlfriend that I never expect to find
and to end this line
have another nice word to rhyme
but, maybe, it’s to early to chance the status of girlfriend
to something more “wide”
so let’s try to be “wise”
and use this word with “W” in few months
(OK darling, you can freaking out now =P )