No problem

Girl, I see no problem
to be the fool
just to listen your laugh
and this makes guarantee that I still in heaven
and I can’t see any problem too
to stay away from the path
that I choose years ago
to find death
Cuz, babe
you came with a light
that guides me to a safe place
that I can call home,
and I find it everynight
beetween your arms


Lil J

Jazzy night
rhymes don’t sync, the rhythm changes in a blink
bright like my eye
when I mesmerize
the memory of your smile
I make my rhymes in sync with your walk
and I can’t sound better than my silence
cuz what makes me silent it’s your lips giving me life
so let’s see if you know what I mean
it’s you the best improvising beat that I ever have listened
the soft solo that’s send me away
away from my pain
but, like old school jazz master, you must have a nick name
let’s call you “Lil J”


One thought inside my heart
if I tell it to you,
my chest will open apart?
Like a little blossom
ready to die
without the warm from your eyes


Mockingbird, about what is your sing
about starts and meanings
about ends and missings
from the summer, came the memory
of warm Sun, about a love that’s come undone
every heart must be broken
to every single note
that came from the sad wind of the autumn
have sense
lonely nights, coffe for one at breakfast
at last
winter came, and with this terrible friend
the memory that remain
the bittersweet pain
of that last kiss
that you just can live
in your dreams
even the most pretty flower and sun rising
can’t put at your face a smile


If this will be my last breath
I must believe that it’s useful
so I use this last second
to talk about what make me smile
not about what fed my anger, what is painful
my smile comes easy when I remeber the first night
that I stayed with ya, looking to your lips, being greatful
to God, because he gimme a chance to be with you
holding your hand already looks beautiful
with that sweet kiss you send me to heaven
here, I have no question
you are the reason of my ascension
from limbo to a true meaning, the save of my soul
don’t need be so shy, you know that it’s all right
the truth, sometimes
sound so heavy, but it’s just the truth, so let’s this light
bright, like your smile
being my lighthouse

About cookies, unicorns and four hours sleep…

About marriage
what can I say?
You are the bride
I am the lucky man
soon will have a baby
short nights of sleep
smiles for a life, you and me
I making jokes
and baking some cookies
you teaching our little kids
about unicorns and positive quotes
the most beautiful thing in this
it’s not me dreaming
it’s about to happening
soon, my beloved darling