alonevil, love

Pardon me if I’m sentimental

Pardon me if I’m sentimental
but everytime that I need to say goodbye
my heart stops for a second or two, and my eyes starts to cry
yes, we will stay together soon
but my heart acts like a fool
but…it’s because I miss you
from the exact moment that we kiss for goodbye
to the next moment that I can see you coming to my arms


Shut? OPEN

Spazz, little one
you know better than all of them
if you stay shut, you push all the world around
it’s everything that you have ever dream? this shit is done?
sometimes it’s hard, but you need to look up
see the stars? see the Sun?
you are a little point in this huge universe



Take a look around
a lot of people don’t want to see you leave the ground
you must bow down, if they can’t fly you must stay down
they feel like a king, but they don’t need a crown
and you must be the jester, don’t forget the red nose, you must be a clown
sorry, my friend
but I must confess
I don’t give a damn
for what a lot of people think or rethink, I really don’t give a shit
so, if I do
why can’t you?


Improvisation about emptiness gen

Some people fill their mouths to talk about for what they fought
and they think that a fake scar or a sad melody
can bring some kind of respect… yeah, feel the taste of hypocrisy
there’s no cause for their alarm to play, but it’s the most louder thing that you gonna listen
blame God for a little, but before leave the bed they believe they are already forgiven
“we do a lot of good things, we share our happiness via snaps and IG”
who tha fuck care about silly things?
yeah, you know whatta I mean…
but have a lot of dummies and fellas that need fill their emptiness
living through another lives, another fake dreams
so, who do you gonna blame?


About bad actors and society

Maybe we all are actors in a cage
acting with a lot of improvisation, without knowing the speeches
with a lot of cameras, ready to snap a bad moment
ready to set we off from the stage
and maybe, a fake lament, or a lot of peaches
to give a sweet taste
to our falling down of the mainstream
sometimes, be the underdog have a kind of privilege
you already know what is the sound of the heart broken
you already know the sound of the laugh from the clowns
so, have nothing to fear
why do you crying? why this lot of tears?
Oh… sorry, my dear…
You think that you can still up on the stage?

Inspired by Heidelberg Romantics =)




Don’t need a pair of wings
to fly away, close to thee
all I need is think
imagine your smile, your open arms
and I can pretend that I am an angel
find in your eyes my paradise
you are my muse for all my poesy