(+18) Blissed middle finger

So, let’s think about what i missed
you think that i’m blissed
but let me xplain that I don’t give a damn for what ya think
you believes that you can judge me
cuz you are perfect and know the path
but let me introduce to you my middle finger
he means “fuck”, but it’s funny imagine what passes into your mind
buck, duck, puck, suck… yeah, i still remember how pure you are
but acting like an angel don’t mean that you can’t be a demon, right?
yes, yes my darling, you don’t need to have a tail or horns,
but you already thinks like a whore
but, hey, don’t point ya finger to me
I don’t give a damn, remember?
It’s you the perfect saint here
So, before judge me, judge your self, little shit


To Guide You

maybe it’s late, already it’s our hour
remember to say goodbye and don’t look back
the past it’s left behind and there will stay
even if look forward you see only fade to black
life isn’t a monster feed with fear and regrets
so calm down and step ahead
one step and you already not in the same place
the idea of a better place, use imagination to create your own palace
a new beginning only happens when something is finished
keep head up
remember that for aeons you have the warm of the Sun
Sun that enlightens the moon to guide you through the dark of lonely nights
from the sky I will guide you,
beloved son

Still pretending?

You make me laugh, when i remember
of all that bullshits that you said
about me
made me feel special, singular
like the most bright star
but now I know
this is your regular speech
just to reach
the point that you want, make jokes on me
“in love with”
how many stupid that you catch?
silly smile, soft style, like bon vivant
“who cares about what I want?”
improvise rhyme, nonsense style
just to make pair with your character
you play a dirty game
from begin to end
like a stupid pretender
better finish it here
without give you a name
but if the hat already fit
smile and use it with your less expensive suit

Empty appointments

So, let’s talk about sorrow
Completely different from what you thinking
This big hole into your chest, full of hollow
It’s only fault of your unfollow
You say right and do wrong
Think and talks about your better
But only show your worst
Disappointed it’s like a compliment
Some people say never say never
So let’s say – stay away forever
Remember, sorrow?
Fake your smile, maybe it’s work like scarecrow
But don’t blame me if nobody show up
The bullshits that I’ve said it’s just to pretending
That I care about something
That came from you