double-edged sword

The real importance
is the views and comments
or the secret talks and snaps?
double life, like a double-edged sword
pretty words, sweet words in surface
to everyone embrace
dirty things, demon wings
into your deep, from the deep
feel no guilty, this shit means solace
for everything that others made against you
angels are mute, demons still sings
sulfur is the fragance
you no longer feel
cuz years in hell
make you feel at home…



Sometimes, we forgot
to take care of our best friend
inside a cage, he never stop
broken many times, but still beats
our hearts…
a million little pieces
he still beating
sometimes, forgetting how bad we take care of him
sometimes, he must pretend
that he is smiling
but even his tears are dry
and slowly… he is dying
our hearts…
slowly, suffocating
drowning in what makes he alive
dying, slowly, dying, he stops fighting
our hearts…
oh, you do not identify?
sorry, all this pain makes me blind…
you already killed your heart
living like a zombie, whispering about dead feelings
killing old fashion odds
my heart….
slowly beating, so deaf sound of nothing
dying alone….
my heart….



Take a look around
a lot of people don’t want to see you leave the ground
you must bow down, if they can’t fly you must stay down
they feel like a king, but they don’t need a crown
and you must be the jester, don’t forget the red nose, you must be a clown
sorry, my friend
but I must confess
I don’t give a damn
for what a lot of people think or rethink, I really don’t give a shit
so, if I do
why can’t you?


Improvisation about emptiness gen

Some people fill their mouths to talk about for what they fought
and they think that a fake scar or a sad melody
can bring some kind of respect… yeah, feel the taste of hypocrisy
there’s no cause for their alarm to play, but it’s the most louder thing that you gonna listen
blame God for a little, but before leave the bed they believe they are already forgiven
“we do a lot of good things, we share our happiness via snaps and IG”
who tha fuck care about silly things?
yeah, you know whatta I mean…
but have a lot of dummies and fellas that need fill their emptiness
living through another lives, another fake dreams
so, who do you gonna blame?


About bad actors and society

Maybe we all are actors in a cage
acting with a lot of improvisation, without knowing the speeches
with a lot of cameras, ready to snap a bad moment
ready to set we off from the stage
and maybe, a fake lament, or a lot of peaches
to give a sweet taste
to our falling down of the mainstream
sometimes, be the underdog have a kind of privilege
you already know what is the sound of the heart broken
you already know the sound of the laugh from the clowns
so, have nothing to fear
why do you crying? why this lot of tears?
Oh… sorry, my dear…
You think that you can still up on the stage?

Inspired by Heidelberg Romantics =)



Improvisation about modernity

So let’s talk about modernity
post contemporary society
everybody want be someone with nobility or morality
forgetting about last attempt of sin of hypocrisy
say you don’t know, but check out your broken window
everything it’s full of disease spread by “likes” and “shares”
hit tha button and go from nothing to nowhere
it’s quite simple to understand, don’t need force your brain
it’s you against me against the world against us against again and again
spread the love is something so tacky
that make you feel so stupid like a kid trying to understand the magic trick
spread the easy way of be part of this society is the new north
kiss without real feeling, just waiting the nude or another kind of “affetion”
is this the real deal? the thing that make this shit really worth?
sorry, but i’m old fashion
stupid, believing in dreams that make some laugh
but, who cares?
denies is the easy way out from something that can make you shout
not from terror, but of feeling alive, kicking and hitting
but let’s end this shit, or you want to keep reading?