A sense of total disillusion
neglected by the sweet taste
of passion, love and depression
a dark corner look like a mansion
any place looks so much better
without the sense of waste
taste, waste, haste
to find a space
without the pressure in the chest
only with pleasure
can you show me the path?



You played that role for years
abusing the good will of the others
fake smile and cold hug
how do you dare call them “brothers”?
spilling your venom thru their ears
turning to gray a life full of colours
you made this game a drug
and your addiction made you the lion
without a kingdom to rule, scion

Ugly Sketch

We love each other with indifference
living in glorious decadence
always waiting the moment of blessed ignorance
that will save us all from the apocalyptic moment
lament, sure a moment of lament
when we discover that paradise it’s just a poectic freedom
from someone with a little more wisdom
that use pretty words to describe
something that we never will reach, never can find
but, where is it? Hided?
No, just to much far from this sick reality
that we built with shallow dreams, small talk
attempt to betray every moment, every single opportunity
to make us look like a ugly sketch of something bad
sad, realy sad

Ghost and his point of view ( pt. 21 )

Lost between dead bodies
of my false idols
they are nailed into my walls
they watch me sleep
they keep alive while I dream
singing and preaching
things that I believed
it’s my path, the good way
oh dear…for many years I pretended
walking blind thru a dead end
theres no hope, not for me
I feel like just a huge slice of meat
send to hell to fed
all these huge demons that I already fed, for years
with all my sins

And still…

Sometimes, feelings play some tricks on us
they make confusion between tears and smiles
I can remember how dangerous was drink some beers with you
and you tried to cut the cake with a large knife
Dear God always protects your old hands
with marks of hard working from your early days
I can remember how you dance
when I listened to new album of KoRn or another sick band
crazy to think that you did it just to make me smile and forget
how bad I felt because I don’t trust in myself
You teach me how to be a good man
sorry, my dear, sometimes I believe that I forgot some lessons
Only God knows how I miss your scoldings
about my bad hair, my cigarettes or my flirt with attempts to fly without wings
so… I hope see you soon

A few months and counting..

From the pills for the whispering
passing through alcohol and suicidal thinking
sickened by my own hands
taking pictures with black and white filter
no need colours when you only see gray
but this kind of certain
it’s like fake chinese porcelain
pretty to our eyes, but fragile like our hearts
and we keep walking through barbed wire
or broken glass without shoes
taking this pain like truth
and I running through
hoping the end of this nonsense amount of lines
bad humor, bad rhymes about bad vibes, stupid bad humor
concealing the truth of this tumor
that keeps my lungs full of this poison
spread into my heart
that seems to want lose
what a beautiful disgrace
put an end in this sadistic plan
of anxiety and depression have making all these years
prove me wrong it’s so amazing, awesome
that I love to laugh about it
a few months and counting…

Every second with…

Maybe I am not capable to say
or even write, I doesn’t know words to describe
how good is stay with you,
for a second or two
but I want to invest all these moments
to show to you, how amazing is
love you