You May Not Know

You may not know
but it’s simple to say
that I love the way
that your cheeks approach to your eyes
when you smile…yes, your smile
send me to a place that I want to live
so easy to go
so, please, send me home
smile again, hug me tight
I know that you like, so
I give you a chance to bite
my arm, my head
whatever you want
so, please, send me home
don’t leave me alone
you make me feel so lite
inspires me to write
about how wonderful is
be by your side



Pain often misleads
using lies like plaster
trying to calcify
something that haven’t need repair
Broken heart
left behind
like something we don’t care
Pain still singing
“open your eyes and see”
it’s easy to foresee
what this trip will bring
Broken heart
left behind
like something we don’t care
Sadness lurking
surrounding, surrounding
like something untounding
choking, choking
Broken heart
left behind
like something we don’t care

Secret poem about Dispair

I drove for one hour or two
drink a whole pack of beers
just to stop these tears
thinking about what I have to do
cut the thin strings of fear
leave behind the feeling
of be someone
good enough
to fill the holes
that you have in your soul
but I already know
I not good enough, even in thousend lifes and tries
to give what I most want
love…pure love…only love
to you…
Another beer,
another atempt to stop my tears
the lake is the witness
the smoke of a heavy cigar
is my alibi, my only friend
who tries to kill me, but also, give me strenght
“one more breath
end another one next day
maybe tomorrow gonna rain”
I don’t care, already rain inside my chest…

The Reason

Maybe one day
you will finally understand
or maybe…will be too late
but…let’s try, anyway
the reason that I drive so slow
when you are with me
it’s because I want more time
with you by my side
telling me about your past
laughing over me, cos how silly I can be
just to see
you smilling
the reason that I sleep so late
it’s cos I can’t hear your heartbeat
and your hand to hold, when I wake up
from a suicidal nightmare
the reason that I change my style of poems
from depression and suffering
for love and pretty things
it’s cos I found in you my muse
hope…this is not too late…
to you understand

About moments and poems, some lines about midnight inspiration and your contribution

I looked around
everybody just lose their life
looking down,
to a cold screen
tired of seek
I just stop, believing
that I never will find
someone good enough
to love like I like
but, for my luck
I found you in this insane
great big crowd
some tears fell
and a scream from my heart I heard
“do something!” he screamed, so loud
poems, silly jokes
I am was so nervous
and felt so jealous
“How she be so calm
with all this insane storm
that I throw against her
talking about Netflix and cooking
about how I love
to stay
wake up late
thinking about the perfect rhyme
to the next morning poem…”
yes, ma’am
maybe I am a little “crazy”
or complicated, but it’s so easy,
to calm me down, to chill
all that I need…it’s you


There’s no silence
when I think about you
it’s like a party
maybe it’s like a Ozzfest concert
or a rave
have a lot of noise
have a lot of light
have a lot of peace
and a lot of confusion
Yeah, have a lot of contradiction
cos, you brought so much life inside of this
maniac-fake-poet-full of love
love? yeah…now I admit that I adore
feel this insane butterflies, so alive
thankful for BMTH lyrics do not have too much sense
and Incubus or Jack Johnson…well, now I understand
good vibes,
love for little things, no need of lies
appreciate a sunshine
with you by my side
it’s so wonderful that make me question
as I lived so long
without your hand holding my hand
and your smile bring me the true peace
that I always question myself “if it really exist?”