Long trip

Babe, can you hold my hand?
it’s a long trip that I want to do
maybe only one backpack isn’t enough
but we can buy another one
but, the most important here
is that I really want you with me
but, like I said before
it’s a long trip…
I want to meet new places
look to another sunrises
walking through different kind of cloudy days
with your hand holding mine
and, when we feel tired
we lay, side by side
and we will count some stars,
or I will find another constellation into your eyes
I already told ya why I love to spend some nights
watching you sleep?
(maybe in another poem…
remember, now I want to convince ya
to take this trip with me)
So, about the trip
I have no better partner
and I confide in ya, your hand guides me
so…do you want to spend some years
helping me to convince ya
that you are the one that I choose
to explore this whole universe
that only have some sense
since the first time I saw your smile


Like a Queen

Yes, I know…I really know
curly hair, do not touch
but… how I can?
It’s like a crown
so beauty, so bright
Your highness, you know that you look a like a queen, right?


I know it will sound far-fetched
but sometimes, I know I am far
when I love, I really love
I give myself, I play in the ocean
even without knowing how to swim
so maybe, sometimes
is somewhat desperate, love
but love “more or less”
It is not something I want
because I am so

I want peace, in the embrace of my love
I want to breath, the sweet words spoken
by the sweet lips of my love, full of flavor
I want a advice, followed by a smile
a wild love in the afternoon
a slow love, intense, our
before bedtime when we share vows of love
when our souls talk
when our smiles intertwine,
I feel that I can do everything
something beyond words, something …

Living between dreams and daydreams
experiencing the strongest feeling
which makes an ordinary day into something full
a day of storm a day out
resting my trust within
that which makes me a poet
a man who dreams, but no longer from
but, to stay and grow
and thus follow

External, which is eternal
the good she does to my senses, to my feelings
 I just want you close
and the distance, which does not allow the embrace
generates a tightness in the chest, discomfort, a strong tightness in the chest
but I do not regret …
I know that very soon
I will be in your arms, into your hug
talking about other exaggerations
and, being again

Sharp teeth
tearing my skin
no pain, no pain
only pleasure
finally, alive, living
crying, crying
the air is heavy
your body above me
sweet taste of sweat
your nails at my chest
taste my skin after
this sexy moment of our souls
slip with me
into the deep
of paradise that is…

My heart in your hearts

My heart was no longer mine
since from the first time
that I saw her face
I did not have time to decide
one blink, and I felt something from inside
strong enough to make me feel alive
heart beat: fast, so fast
I expected those hours take days to pass
I cross my fingers, hope to linger this moment
but has passed so fast, still passes so fast…

by luck, she gave to me a chance
to show her my intentions, my temptations
no illusion, only reactions
from my heart talking to my mind
only trues, this can’t be denied
love from first sigh
sigh….slowly sigh…
you made me fly above the sky

from the touch of your lips in my lips
a lot of butterflies
born inside of my belly
and made a wonderfull party
I can still hear the music, I can still feel the dance
I want to dance with you, all night along, until dawn…

Pardon me if I’m sentimental

Pardon me if I’m sentimental
but everytime that I need to say goodbye
my heart stops for a second or two, and my eyes starts to cry
yes, we will stay together soon
but my heart acts like a fool
but…it’s because I miss you
from the exact moment that we kiss for goodbye
to the next moment that I can see you coming to my arms