Miscarriage, sabotage, underneath the pain
unclear, so far, not from here
improvisation about same theme
love, pain, hate, agony, can’t left behind
this nails hurting me again and again
shame, blame, same shit, not just a game
maybe it’s was more easy if I was deaf and blind
and use my tongue not to speak, to not to complain
maybe, just maybe
been quiet, without opinion, without brain


From One Year Ago…

Girl,one year ago
and I already know
you are the one
you are the woman that I want
I gave to you a ring
not made of gold, but my intention is
I really want to us use the same key
to open the door that bring us to our home
and, I hope that you like this little poem
that I really want to share with ya
my rhymes about this love
will never stop, I hope that never gone
like my buttlerflies that you feed everytime
that I see you and you smile


No Superpower…

I have no superpower
I am not part of X-Men or Hell’s Kitchen crew
maybe all I have it’s this sour
taste of being so offset,
no matter the point of view
yeah, hellyeah, maybe I’m a little upset
I allways tried to be someone
with something good, to be know for
be the one
that could make difference
be the difference

I have no superpower
nothing strong enough
to make me superhuman
but…I still human, so, I can try some bluff
help me make my own snuff
no script, who need tha shit?
maybe this is my power
write my own story
but…sounds so sad
I am not Shakespere or another great writter
we gonna go back to the start?
I have no superpower…


Dream of a dead end without end

Smash the spider
this demon use her web
to tie me up and show to everyone
that I am the outsider
Sad, so sad
maybe it’s better if I’m dead
before I make you understand
that I have nothing give, nothing to get

Silence the mocking bird
his sing make me remember the third
time that I lost myself into the dirt
of rhymes and lyrics, that I suposed to be a good flirt
So, gimme this charmed
so sweet and lovely
dead pill
that you hide under your pillow
that you call “dream”