Ghost and his point of view (pt. 9)

After being hit
so hard, that make me question
if was life
that hates me
or I
that must be punished for all the love that I denied
I close my eyes
and try to pray
but will God listen
who never believed him?


Ghost and his point of view (pt.4)

Maybe it’s the rope of hope
that we cut
in our last seconds doped
we have dead butterflies in our gut
they fly and find a rotten field with one rose
dope end, dope dead, like our hope, we don’t have another dose

I wake up
and nobody’s here, only a broken cup
with a coffee grounds, I tried to read them
but I’m not turkish, I’m not mage or witch
but, even blind I can find the glitch
I not supposedly to be here
why these little pieces of broken mirror
are inside my arms and lungs?
I can feel poison and dry blood into my tongue

Now I know
how I died…
but why I still feeling alive?

No regrets from a attempt failed

I tear my skin
trying to find an end
to all this pain
trying to find the source of my sins
but I find a battle inside of me
love and chaos, hate and hope
insanity and pretend, the perfect kind of camouflage
to make everyone stay away
of this wild animal imprisoned in this cage
many tears, screams and a rope
will put it in my neck
or use to be pulled out of this hole?


If the sun refused to shine
I cannot see any problem
I just need remember your smile

I promise, it’s no lie
you illuminates, not only a cloudy day
or the most dark night
you illuminates my life
you smile, and I can confide
there’s no black hole or trap in my way

So… please… smile to me
brings your light to our life
show me the prove that I always ask for
that God sent to me an angel
and I don’t need nothing more

Listening about now

Chino sings about “Drive”
“I don’t care where Just far”
I look up, to an empty jar
old times, past feelings, flaws strive
to appears
now, listen to “Knife Party”
“Anemic and Sweet
I could float here forever”
there’s nothing clear
I feel part of it
but it’s far from me
sober and thinking
WTF I’m doing?
“I look at the cross
Then I look away”
Changes, “Change (in the house of flies)”
how can I denied?
I want more, but how I can reach
If I must stay and wait
“Still your passenger”
Is what Maynard says…

Island? Not today

Jung said that “no man is an island”
But, sometimes
It’s like we felt
Surrounded by oceans of tears
Drowning by our fears
Hitting with our heads
Against walls that we build
With our wounds and selfishness
Singing our suicidal soneto
“better dead, better dead”
Yeah… Yeah…
Sad enough?
I’m tired of this crap
I mute the voice
Deaf, deaf
I make my own kind of noise
I laughing into the face of grim reaper
No fear, maybe a little bit of shiver
But I don’t need to go deeper
Not again
And not need to pretend
I know my mistakes
All of them
So, it’s time to restart somethings
And finish another bullshits
This is the deal
It’s for real
Swimming in the ocean
Without need of care
I have nothing to scare
I’m totally prepared