Another day in a constant mystery

Another day in a constant mystery
fed by a ephemeral misery
anacronic pandemic out of logic (?)
we can see the loop of death and despair
we can’t hide, we can run, but where?
death is already spread in the air
It’s not a game,
why to blame
bad decisions that we made
hipocrits have the power to decide
beloved ignorants ready to bowdown and applaude


Ar Tangível

Sufocado por um ar pesado
a conclusão que chego é que não há mais espaço
sinto o esforço, o quanto dói o sorriso falso
três tapas nas contas, me soa como um agravo
a falsidade impera onde deveria ser banida
a inveja é a imagem refletida no espelho, se torna tua melhor amiga
competição por algo intangível com a paz parece mais um embargo
a real felicidade que não há como alcançar



Seventy hundred times
no matter how hard I try
if I paint or draw
you still completely blind
deaf, mute, completely
not useful
null, dull, fool
your voice have no power
there’s no choice
stop trying to be part of the modern quote
made maybe by a droid
don’t need panic, don’t ned be paranoid
just shut up and seat
simple like this last rhyme, easy like a trip hop beat
shit, heat, hear, fear
of be just another silly
useful only to fed the greed
of everyone around your pity
simple and shity



I can show you
the moment that you stop to do
the appointment, the annoying moment
that you find the argument
that you can use, the useless words
to safe the worse part of this world
have a sense, a pourpuse
a choose
between right and wrong
between good and bad
about the heaven and hell
or, about a new shit to tell
are you keep following? are you understand it?
left or right, central, detrimental
politic view, economic statement, unnatural sentimental
today is wrong be stand by your own feet
you need
be a part of it, no matter what you think
are this shit already annoying?


Easy Lesson

t’s not about material things,
it’s not about bad feelings
it’s about live a life that’s good
it’s about understand that if, we would
a little more ambitious in realize our dreams
and spend less time thinking about bad moments
life could
be more colourful
less painful
so why
we still


Stage – 0

For how long we must count
all the losses that we must live with
no friendship, only selfish
lies beneath the fake smile
hands shake ready to spread poison, like a snake
eyes sharp like knives, better stay out for awhile
ache, break, rejoint, fake
another yellow smile, another lie to hide
stay on your feet, there’s nobody to uplift
your poor ego, your need of be the hero
life isn’t a stupid game
and if it was
your easy mode won’t goona work
zero, static at zero
no evolution, no next level
stay at tutorial


Tears and Sand, Sad Way To Build a Castle

WTF, kid!
you think you are a king?
a lion ready to hunt your gazelle
but you know, like me
that you are just another foolish
ready to be broken, ready to be taken
to a deep feeling of forsaken
fake friends, fake pretends
no need of description to understand
that you still just a kid
playing with your dead dreams
builnding a castle, with tears and sand
ready to fall, all you need is breath