Miscarriage, sabotage, underneath the pain
unclear, so far, not from here
improvisation about same theme
love, pain, hate, agony, can’t left behind
this nails hurting me again and again
shame, blame, same shit, not just a game
maybe it’s was more easy if I was deaf and blind
and use my tongue not to speak, to not to complain
maybe, just maybe
been quiet, without opinion, without brain


No Superpower…

I have no superpower
I am not part of X-Men or Hell’s Kitchen crew
maybe all I have it’s this sour
taste of being so offset,
no matter the point of view
yeah, hellyeah, maybe I’m a little upset
I allways tried to be someone
with something good, to be know for
be the one
that could make difference
be the difference

I have no superpower
nothing strong enough
to make me superhuman
but…I still human, so, I can try some bluff
help me make my own snuff
no script, who need tha shit?
maybe this is my power
write my own story
but…sounds so sad
I am not Shakespere or another great writter
we gonna go back to the start?
I have no superpower…


You can try to slow me down
but I give a fuck if you don’t understand, I will not draw
the shits that you throw up
will hit back against your head,directly into your mouth
profanity, lies and stupidity
sounds so natural, it’s your hymn
kharma is a bitch and will charge
against your heavy and poison tongue
where are your crown?
king of hipocrisy
so full of shit, so young
you have the courage because is easy
give hugs and talk about a lot of bullshits so irrelevant
pleasent? your damn fake smile is pleasent?
damn… plesent…

Ghost and his point of view ( not sober – pt. 22 )

Regardless of what they say
I tried to walk my way
with a empty bottle like a old friend
unsteadily, errating my steps
broken my “old friend” like a cheap glass
but, it is so normal, isn’t?
everything broken, everything lack
lack of importance, lack of relevance
we want gold, but we worth less than brass
that’s why we only listen a large doses of “cracks”
the sound of our heart broken
the sound of our consciousness, dead and rotten
“please, gimme another old friend?”
fiend, fiend, fiend!!!
maybe this is one vendetta
I can’t find
the label of my last best friend
horse or walker,
I need that taste of sour
hours, hours that we spend, without sense…our?
alfa, omega
my mind-blowing already find the last redemption
epiphany of cartase of this moment sober
I need a old friend sooner

Ghost and his point of view (pt. 18 )

Angry, hungry, blurry
my eyes see only one colour
red, dead, creep
the pain come from the deep
inner hate, inner key to a closed door
poor, chore, gore
tick-tack, beep, click, another beep
not soft sounds, not melodies or music
only bones breaking, ribs piercing lungs
isn’t hell, isn’t heaven, for sure isn’t hell
I do not listen angels or screams from evil
even seven horns of Revelation
no bells, no damn bells
only my inner demon
feeding my angry
that keep growing, strong…
this is the wrong way? How wrong?

only God knows…

Ghost and his point of view ( pt. 17 )

There’s another voice here
God, are you?
can you forgive me?
(silence….only silence….)
How stupid I am
trust in company here
even God denies me
only me or all human being?
or God is now inside a screen?
everyone that I see,
have their heads bowed down
I must confess, they make me laugh
stupids, all stupids, like stupids clowns
the love of their lives, passing by
their side, in front of them
but they prefer to look to a cold screen
what if I scream?
“God, you still listen?”
(no answer…)
“Hey you, little man”
(a boy, screaming about Growlithe
WTF is this shit?)
Nobody listen, nobody care
it seems right?
I am lost in middle of this
(and WTF is a damn Growlithe? A puppy?)

About past and present, future still under construction.

Yelawolf sing
“Cause I’m a whiskey drinkin’, fight provoking, cigarette smoking dude
I got a problem with my, attitude…”
It’s about my past, but still alive inside of me
sometimes, talk with me through whispers and bad dreams
but, its like look to a stream
if you put a stone in
the flow will be divided in “v”
nice flow, bad flow
the secret here it’s stay into control
bad vibe must be silenced
good vibe must be shared
past must be visited only to appreciate the good part
or, to learn with the dark side