Dices, choices and lights

I roll the dice
I choose my side
no matter left or right
I look forward
I give a damn for what I left behind
the past can change my future
but my future I write
and rewrite how many times
so many times that I must to make it right
If only a single light
of a little candle can fight
and won against dark, make it fright
I will be the one who will rise
the candle that I have in my eyes



I just poured
my last rhyme about a lie
I’m not OK and it I pretty sure that I can’t deny
but I’m not ready to die
so be cool and try to understand the next rhyme
I ready to live, I just feel so tired
of only survive
I want more, I need light
I so bored
of be in another dirty cage full of dark
it’s just my mind?
it’s all that my life
can give?


A sense of total disillusion
neglected by the sweet taste
of passion, love and depression
a dark corner look like a mansion
any place looks so much better
without the sense of waste
taste, waste, haste
to find a space
without the pressure in the chest
only with pleasure
can you show me the path?

Illusion of Relief

Why so much confusion
about the deepest fears
about the illusion of relief
under our fake smile, only depression
even the warm sun can’t make these black clouds disappear
sound so familiar this kind of confession
you can read this lines
in a thousand profiles
around the globe, around your neigbourhood
sad to see, even more to listen
“it’s just a phase, it’s just a bad moment”
cuts, tears, suicide letters,
a lot made just to ask for help
forgotten, because this kind of behavior
don’t look so well…

From Inside

To end up this darkness
just a light of a single candle
it’s enough
but how to find a single light
if I get lost in the middle of this endless night
no matter how hard I try, I never find
a single spark of light, so I fight
against the hollow, against the fear
that my soul already embraced
maybe I can find a wall near
that I can use to find a switch
to enlight, to make me believe
maybe even make a wish
to never come here again
oh, dear
just a simple moment
to understand
this endless darkness
it’s just inside my head…

Happiness and Misery

Promises with fingers crossed
truth by betrayed lips
poison spread
by snake speech
open chest, who care?
there’s no secret if everybody give a damn
who I am?
the cold truth, like the midnight wind
that came just to remember, the unkind
how sad it is, to not be blind
in this pitty world that you exist
and, looks like, only you can see
the thinny line
happiness and misery

Full of Dead Dreams….

Detrimental, sorry, but my lack of attention
it’s mensure like the portion of sincerity
of every line read here, so keep straight to my intention
no need of introduction
it’s quite simple understand these rhymes and argumentation
by my side, the simple truth
the enemy from youth
who want know the bitter taste
that not all dreams gonna be concrete
and a lot of these dreams
will be only waste
of time and energy
don’t look me like i’m the enemy
like I said before, truth it’s by my side
but it isn’t the only truth, the only way
so, don’t be afraid
I’m just saying
that if you already have all the “know how”
how do you can really grow old?
knowing that your childhood dream
about be an astronaut, to go far away
of all this shit, all this pain
will never be a truly posibility
or, be a vocalist
of a metal band that sings about depression and revenge
damn, another dream shit
in my thirties
all that I have is…
a blank page…
full of dead dreams….