Dance with…

We dance, yes we dance
a ode to our misery
we give the crown to a false king
we pray for a death of our queen
anarchy, lonely anarchy
sing with me, about this moment that we live
“a paradise full of empty things
a warmful hug that we can’t feel, can’t you see?”
all this lines isn’t about me
this lines set perfectly
to your own catharsis


How to Kill Who Want Live Just For You?

I hope that you choke
to see you slowly
fading away from me
gimme this pleasure, please…
you know your name
I said it loud so many times
you are the most old company
that I can remember
your bitter taste
and cold temper
always wakes me up in the middle of the night
just to give me a bright
point of view
of your untimely sadly nonsense of timing
to give me bad news
no matter if you choke or explode
cut your head off
or burn you till the bones
you will never leave me alone…


Ghost and his point of view ( pt.14 )

I close my eyes
wishing is enough
this little act, this little thing
wishing it save me
not like my others attempts, even that tough
send me away from where I want to go
and into middle of the ashes of my sins
I came up with something that bring
a diferent kind of peace
maybe, I tool to finish my pain
outstanding thing
like a hot day like hell
that ends with a cold rain
and makes us believe that everything will end well

it’s just to open my eyes
and another attempt end with another fail
so…let’s keep the eyes shut…
shut like a lovely hug
…bright like this syringe
full of this luxury poison
mixed with my filth blood, hallucinogen
that makes me travel without leave this place
my bed
the grave of my dream and nightmare…


Ghost and his point of view (pt. 12)

In silence
I can listen to my heart
whispering, waiting, wanting
as desired, but so denied
crying, lying, crying
tears blurting out
no pain, no hurt
just another moment alone
out…staring at the lake, watching the rain
flirt, flirting, flirt
with a shadow of no one
maybe it’s time to cut
or to find a gun
but this short story must end



There’s no silence
when I think about you
it’s like a party
maybe it’s like a Ozzfest concert
or a rave
have a lot of noise
have a lot of light
have a lot of peace
and a lot of confusion
Yeah, have a lot of contradiction
cos, you brought so much life inside of this
maniac-fake-poet-full of love
love? yeah…now I admit that I adore
feel this insane butterflies, so alive
thankful for BMTH lyrics do not have too much sense
and Incubus or Jack Johnson…well, now I understand
good vibes,
love for little things, no need of lies
appreciate a sunshine
with you by my side
it’s so wonderful that make me question
as I lived so long
without your hand holding my hand
and your smile bring me the true peace
that I always question myself “if it really exist?”


Ghost and his point of view (pt. 10)

I stare, alone
kids playing, until sun fading
and I go deep, through my memories
trying to reach the feeling
of my feet into the sand, running from my father
playing hide and seek
hoping to find him quick…

but…theres nothing for me
theres nothing here
only a dark room
without any thing, only the certain of my doom
I running from you
I played hide and seek with no one
cos, nobody cares to find
who never leave his hidding place, inside his mind