Better than heaven

There’s a place
between here and heaven
that only I can see
and only I can reach
there’s only one key
it’s opened with a single move
from your pretty lips
it’s your smile, babe
it’s your smile that send me to this lovely place
that I never want leave, God know’s, I don’t want leave


3 Lines

Your pretty face
is more than I could relate
in this 3 lines and simple rhymes

Pardon me if I’m sentimental

Pardon me if I’m sentimental
but everytime that I need to say goodbye
my heart stops for a second or two, and my eyes starts to cry
yes, we will stay together soon
but my heart acts like a fool
but…it’s because I miss you
from the exact moment that we kiss for goodbye
to the next moment that I can see you coming to my arms

She is like…

She is like the most beautiful poem
without ending, without metric
without need of rhyme, but always with the best lines
look to her is always so poetic
lines, rhymes and ideas come so easy,
makes me look so frantic
improvising rhymes with her pretty smile
everything with her looks like a dream
the unattainable kind of poesy


You ease my pains with your hands
giving me a comfort with my head on your chest
making me remembering the beach, with my feet at the sand
watching the waves, thinking about you, about the pain that I left

Dreams…and hope to be realized

And I dreamed about a kid
with a fluffy hair, smile in his face
I am seated in the backyard
laughing a lot, listening to his story, about what he did
there’s so much love in this place
and I felt a little tightness in my chest, but not a bad kind
cuz at same time
I look to the door, and I can see her…
she smiles to me, says something…
Only God knows how much I want this…