Even if could be possible
submit this message directly to your brain
I’m pretty sure you can’t understand,
or even worse, maintain
the essence, the valor of these lines and words
cuz it’s more easy to sit and complain
about the ignorance and inequality
but it’s even worse to think
that you gave the power that they need
to make all this shit happen and keep happening
cuz villains works in silent, remain calm trhoug the storm
sow their seed and sprinkle until this get huge
and makes the shadows that you must aprecciate



If you can hear my breath
you know that I’m still alive
even if my silence denies
my mind still my alibi
working in silence, but screaming inside
a thousand suns explodes and enlighten my mind
dead dreams became machines
set to put us down
kiss the ground
pray for this pain end soon
this is just another moment of clarity that mind speaks loud
to remember me that pain and agony it’s just a memory
a test to another me



Lack of attention
pack of ammunition
hungry of angry
full of empty
selecting the neglected
smart for the dumbest
fingers like guns
aim to the head, aim to the head
we are already dead
or you are one of them
or you are one of the red
no third option, no other direction
listen them scream, listen them scream
myth, our salvation it’s in your hands”



ephemeral like a broken mirror,
we need to see us in the best
form, look, picture taken to impress
but who care?
Filters, a lot of filters
less light, more darkness
fake smiles, emptiness
filled by pictures of actors
who play a super hero of the plebeians
to keep save our giant mausoleaum
that we are so proud to keep, it’s came from the deep
hashtags fighting for your attention, like in a coliseum
not gladiators, not warrirors
only simples “#”, only a need of attention, so cheap
shallow like a flat beach
no waves, no wind, nothing that can move you
from the sameness that you are living in


pretty story

I could tell you a pretty story
without pain or misery
like a fairytale
sweet like candy
betrayer like sugar
that puts you high
just to fall like the rain from the sky
Why we must always hide
the angry, the pain, the moment of clarity
that overcome the futility
live without illusion
sober people aren’t real
pain is real, something that you can feel
don’t get me wrong, the feeling isn’t guilty
our illussions, desilluions
send us to a dreamscape,
making us forgetting
that dreamscape are just quicksand
end of story


part of the whole

People aren’t real, when they are sober…
your lack of wisdom
don’t need be explained because you aren’t older
it’s easy to find the reason
all your attention
you spend with the wrong motivation
likes and shares
do you have any idea of who really care?
Good for you
if you don’t give a damn about all this kind of weirdo
but if you do
don’t get mad or sad
you are just part of the whole