Art of silence

I will master the art of silence
to silence all these damn voices
that press my heart against this cage
that is my chest
a cage with thorns and chains
I have choices, I know that I have choices
but like a mouse lost in a maze
I always try my best
and run without rest
to find an exit, a better place
where these voices can’t talk, can’t scream, can’t whisper
maybe it’s a possibility
or, I still just a dreamer…


No answer

I just keep on staring
the lake and his silence
no answer for my questions
no question for me to answer

Sometimes, silence have a lot of suggestions
“listen to your heart, without anger”
“keep walking, without care about past”
“head up, courage and enthusiast”

Sometimes, silence is the answer that we seek
a soft way to end discussion withou speak
or, give to our souls a chance to talk and listen
so, lake, i’m sorry
but I must talk to another soul, another human being



I wish I was a thought
like a good wind, that blows
but, like always, I forgot
sometimes you move, and expose
not the best part, not the good one

I wish I was a fire
to burn down bridges
that lead us to fake promises
an kingdom, ruled by a liar
who fed us, with sweet kisses and rotten candies

I wish I was a lake
where you can see your pretty face
wash your body in a warm day
of cry, this lake will never dry
or even, share your fears and tears

I wish I was a solid
like a old tree or a large piece of gold
precious, that have great valor
but, like all this poem, it’s so simbolic
my attempts of being something…

I wish, I wish
but there’s no Shenglong or Jinn
there’s only you and me
and all that I wish
it’s be the best I can, to never lose the chance
of accomplish your desires


Listening about now

Chino sings about “Drive”
“I don’t care where Just far”
I look up, to an empty jar
old times, past feelings, flaws strive
to appears
now, listen to “Knife Party”
“Anemic and Sweet
I could float here forever”
there’s nothing clear
I feel part of it
but it’s far from me
sober and thinking
WTF I’m doing?
“I look at the cross
Then I look away”
Changes, “Change (in the house of flies)”
how can I denied?
I want more, but how I can reach
If I must stay and wait
“Still your passenger”
Is what Maynard says…


Lies? Not here…

Sorry, but I can’t
forget all the lies that we’ve laid
I don’t want to get my heart broken again
in thousand sharp pieces
that brings a endless pain
so, true is the only way
pretend, even for a silly time
is the way to engage a seriously mistake

So, I must confess
if I said that I think about love
only for a few seconds
it’s a huge mistake, like a big lie
because I am moved by it, all the time
and that weakest moment that I said that I will give up
sorry, but this shit don’t will get me down

The truth is, I want to live
to write my masterpiece
to have a house, dogs and a couple of kids
take a long trip
do a lot of things
are you with me?