Ghost and his point of view (pt. 18 )

Angry, hungry, blurry
my eyes see only one colour
red, dead, creep
the pain come from the deep
inner hate, inner key to a closed door
poor, chore, gore
tick-tack, beep, click, another beep
not soft sounds, not melodies or music
only bones breaking, ribs piercing lungs
isn’t hell, isn’t heaven, for sure isn’t hell
I do not listen angels or screams from evil
even seven horns of Revelation
no bells, no damn bells
only my inner demon
feeding my angry
that keep growing, strong…
this is the wrong way? How wrong?

only God knows…


Not afraid to cry

I’m not afraid to cry
because it’s my heart telling me
that the miss of your smile
it’s already too much to bear

And I know that you will feel a little shy
but I want to tell you
it’s been awhile
that my heart need you everyday
so, that’s why I put all my memories
inside him, and, to my surprise, to scare
he still telling me that he needs
you, here, beside me…

Ghost and his point of view (pt. 10)

I stare, alone
kids playing, until sun fading
and I go deep, through my memories
trying to reach the feeling
of my feet into the sand, running from my father
playing hide and seek
hoping to find him quick…

but…theres nothing for me
theres nothing here
only a dark room
without any thing, only the certain of my doom
I running from you
I played hide and seek with no one
cos, nobody cares to find
who never leave his hidding place, inside his mind

Better than heaven

There’s a place
between here and heaven
that only I can see
and only I can reach
there’s only one key
it’s opened with a single move
from your pretty lips
it’s your smile, babe
it’s your smile that send me to this lovely place
that I never want leave, God know’s, I don’t want leave

Better things

You make me rethink
about a lot of things
a bad day is just a metaphor
to a day without your hug
I already told you
you are better than coffee and nutella
or a beer after a warm day of work
and you make me feel super, ultra mega
yes babe, you make me feel better
and I can’t see a better way without say
everynight, everyday
that we are pure love together

No regrets from a attempt failed

I tear my skin
trying to find an end
to all this pain
trying to find the source of my sins
but I find a battle inside of me
love and chaos, hate and hope
insanity and pretend, the perfect kind of camouflage
to make everyone stay away
of this wild animal imprisoned in this cage
many tears, screams and a rope
will put it in my neck
or use to be pulled out of this hole?