Open eye dream

My girlfriend is always by my side
if I want see her smile
all I have to do is tell to her
about my dreams about our marriage
about her being my wife
about names and nicknames of our future kids
she always freaks out
and talks about some silly joke to distract
but, like I always say
“you are the most pretty one, babe
I want write poems and another thousand lines
about you and me, about our life”
and she smile and smile, asking for a kiss
so, how could I denied?


Real Wonder

So, I wander
between past and future
but in the present, I wonder
“how I can live
without your arms around me?
hug me tight
hug me forever”
this is the kind o wonder
that makes me not wander

…half-year ago

I can tell you
it’s for sure
a half-year ago
I could not see all these colors
I could not rhyme pretty poems
or talk about love
like I do easily now
how I look forward
and see light
not darkness or deadly end

King in a distant place

Sometimes I feel like a foreign
that came from a distant place
where past still exist
love don’t sounds so vintage
true love still alive and beating
where wake up believing
in this “old” feeling
is something possible and usual
maybe I am the king
of this distant island
a king without a crown
a king ready to fall
a king that will drown…

By my side

Quiet and alone
I look up to the sky
and I tried to find that bright star
but I already know
this star isn’t in the sky anymore
sometimes, it’s by my side…

Heart x Mind

You have your reasons
to be scared
but I have wounds
and I will be prepared
you can’t silence me
cuz every time we speak
you know that I can scream
you must leave the logic
and understand that i am not stupid
you are right
I have chosen wrong so many times
but, you know that, this is different now
but we talk a lot about this girl
you have talked a lot with this girl
so, what’s the problem, bro?
“it’s strange agree with ya, old fella
you bring so many problems to me
and talk again about love
something that you denied for many years
you have wounds? I drowned in tears
wounds heal, I know that
and I know that you are prepared
that’s why I am scared”

Dream cost nothing

I put my head on her chest
and listen to her heart
beat strong, beat hard
there’s stories, there’s feelings
that, maybe, isn’t it’s time to me know about it
or, one day
these beats will tell stories
about you and me
dream cost nothing…