Quiet Like…

Silence, quiet like a cemetery
don’t look, don’t blame the query
of another trick from the mystery
of the misery of our agony
fed by the little pieces of epiphany
that we reach
when our mind and heart collide
and we finnaly see
the end of our misery


About past and present, future still under construction.

Yelawolf sing
“Cause I’m a whiskey drinkin’, fight provoking, cigarette smoking dude
I got a problem with my, attitude…”
It’s about my past, but still alive inside of me
sometimes, talk with me through whispers and bad dreams
but, its like look to a stream
if you put a stone in
the flow will be divided in “v”
nice flow, bad flow
the secret here it’s stay into control
bad vibe must be silenced
good vibe must be shared
past must be visited only to appreciate the good part
or, to learn with the dark side

D(ream) o R(eality)

reality and dream
it’s rainy
no light, no sun
far from here, maybe, the sadness is gone

at the dawn
without birds singing
with loneliness scratching loud
only the question of
“where I will find?”
don’t you remember?
I am lost…


There’s no silence
when I think about you
it’s like a party
maybe it’s like a Ozzfest concert
or a rave
have a lot of noise
have a lot of light
have a lot of peace
and a lot of confusion
Yeah, have a lot of contradiction
cos, you brought so much life inside of this
maniac-fake-poet-full of love
love? yeah…now I admit that I adore
feel this insane butterflies, so alive
thankful for BMTH lyrics do not have too much sense
and Incubus or Jack Johnson…well, now I understand
good vibes,
love for little things, no need of lies
appreciate a sunshine
with you by my side
it’s so wonderful that make me question
as I lived so long
without your hand holding my hand
and your smile bring me the true peace
that I always question myself “if it really exist?”


I don’t need a bed
if in your arms I can rest
and no shelter
if my head I can lay into your chest
and I have no need to worry
even in a sad day, I just need remember
your sweet lips, so tasty, like cherry
and your warm presence
to smile for the rest of my day

Ghost and his point of view (pt. 10)

I stare, alone
kids playing, until sun fading
and I go deep, through my memories
trying to reach the feeling
of my feet into the sand, running from my father
playing hide and seek
hoping to find him quick…

but…theres nothing for me
theres nothing here
only a dark room
without any thing, only the certain of my doom
I running from you
I played hide and seek with no one
cos, nobody cares to find
who never leave his hidding place, inside his mind