O céu azul
Se tornou meu mar
Já que no cerrado oceano não há
Mas esse azul se tornou mais intenso
Depois que pude te encontrar
E teus lábios beijar
E esse novo mar
Teu abraço apertado me leva até lá
Que tal juntos descobrirmos até onde vai esse belo oceano
Que tu me apresentou sorrindo enquanto me ouvia dizer “Eu te amo”…


He smell your fear

you still alive
after all that blood came out
you dont have force to scream loud
and even that you could, nobody will listen
cuz at this time
your redemption wont came to save
its time to pay
its time to pay, better begin to pray
doesn’t matter how you try
you don’t gonna hide
your sins showed him a trail
he smell your fear
flesh and bones disappear
forgo your tears
you know you wrong
no matter how long
this pain it’s carved in your soul
and forever will glow
even in the most deep black hole
even when you are alone
doesn’t matter if your eyes are shut
you already gone