why the same mistake? (idea for a new song)

Someone please take
someone please take this away
this is something too much heavy to stay
this pain have a name
shame, regress, stupid hate, guilty and blame
Why the same mistake?
why always the same mistake?
My sins, my nails, my wrists bleeding
someone have to agreed
this is not a save way to stay
my mind already blow away
bleeding knees, help me pray

Blue Moon

Don’t shine too much this night
Cuz your light guide me away from what is right

Around my neck

by my own hands
around my neck
difficult to breathe
fake smile
to make you look to my mouth
to disguise my rotten inner self
until i can stab my soul
watch me slowly die
happy cuz you dont cry
i fooled you
So many lies
i don’t remember the last time
that i live without asking why
the truth it’s so bitter
and killing me inside

Burn my eyes

My eyes
Are tearing out
Blood tears of guiltless
Who can point tha finger
And point to my face?
Supposedly envy
Feeded by angry
Overdose to my enemies
Sure, they still believe in
Lies told by
The evil within

Enjoy my tomorrow

Empty bottle
Heart full of sorrow
Enjoy my tomorrow
Alone, holding my breath
Step by step
Walking inside my head
Maybe its better forget that
Stupid idea
Constantly repeated by my sins
“better you dead