Present days and nights

I remember all them lonely nights
drinking to forget, drinking to get high
maybe to fly up the clouds, to touch the skies
to steal the moon, to steal the stars

but, what matters have a thousand stars?
without someone to share the shine, without someone to hold my hand?

I remember all them lonely days
blaming the sun
“why do you keep coming up?”
maybe it’s poison running into my vains…

but, what matters have this conclusion?
without someone to shake me up, telling me “whatta hell is wrong with you?”

And, finally, I remember some hours ago
not a lonely night, not a lonely day
because she is always with me
inside my mind, inside my heart

Now I already have my personal Moon, a sky full of stars
a tight hug, the better place to find safety and warmth

And I do not need to get drunk or blame the Sun…



Girl, you are the place that I want to stay
with something new every time,
the place that I want to see and discover everyday

Girl, you are the sky
that make me look up high
and dream about another kind of life

Girl, you are the fire
that illuminates my darkest night
that warms my soul and my heart, with the soft touch of your hand into my body

Girl, if you doesn’t understand yet
I gonna be straight
you are the one

Sorry if this poem ends
with you freaking out again
but there’s no mistake
You are the one, and I will say it without regret


(For Jackie …. the girl I hope to become my “woman” one day)


It’s dark
and the room is filled by the sound of my heart
he have so many stories to tell
about how you make me feel

You are the fire that don’t stop to burn
this you already know
when you sleep, I sing some songs

And my heart already told
that when you gave me your kiss, when I felt your touch
you burned me inside, destroyed all that damn cold

J… always my J

You send me away, far away
from my old “friend”
J, I want see you tomorrow
hey, I’m sorry, I don’t want to lie or pretend
I want see you now
hug you so tight that we can share our heartbeats
watch you lighting up my way
it’s like you always do
with a smile, a kiss or just looking at you
let’s walk around
without care about
where we’re going, cuz with you I’ll go anywhere
just promise that you will touch my beard, like I love to smell your hair
give me five minutes to lay my head
in your chest, where I find peace and want stay for…
aha, no bad words, but it’s your fault that I miss the rhyme
(just a joke, let’s enjoy this moment and smile)


O céu azul
Se tornou meu mar
Já que no cerrado oceano não há
Mas esse azul se tornou mais intenso
Depois que pude te encontrar
E teus lábios beijar
E esse novo mar
Teu abraço apertado me leva até lá
Que tal juntos descobrirmos até onde vai esse belo oceano
Que tu me apresentou sorrindo enquanto me ouvia dizer “Eu te amo”…

Best Tale

Guess what…
You left my room have less than an hour
and I already have written four poems…
you make me feel like a poet
writing, making rhymes
about us, about Chronos crimes
and you became my best tale before bedtime
but…let’s be honest
you are the best tale, anytime

Unique Fragrance

I already wrote about her scent
not from the bottle, the kind of scent that came from her neck
after a long day in the office, after our hug, after our sex
this kind of scent, sorry, it’s a unique fragrance
Herrera or Dior, they can not even get close
so, I can feel like I am a lucky man
she gives me inspiration for my poems
a warm place to rest my head
kisses that hooked me
another hundred reasons to feel in love
like her scent, like her smile
and my dreams that one day, I will write about it