About cookies, unicorns and four hours sleep…

About marriage
what can I say?
You are the bride
I am the lucky man
soon will have a baby
short nights of sleep
smiles for a life, you and me
I making jokes
and baking some cookies
you teaching our little kids
about unicorns and positive quotes
the most beautiful thing in this
it’s not me dreaming
it’s about to happening
soon, my beloved darling


Home Sweet Home

I’m sure when I say
that’s there no place
that I want to stay
for a life time, for now to the end of my days
other than in your arms

Safe Home

John Bush sings
“You have always been my safe home
I walk, I run, I burn out into you
You have always been my safe home
My whole world has moved on”
and makes me believe
that this music was made for me
to listen right now, after seeing you leave
your arms, that hug me so tight
protect me from demons in the middle of the night
and warm me in the morning
your hug became
my safe home