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Category: love

Safe Home

John Bush sings
“You have always been my safe home
I walk, I run, I burn out into you
You have always been my safe home
My whole world has moved on”
and makes me believe
that this music was made for me
to listen right now, after seeing you leave
your arms, that hug me so tight
protect me from demons in the middle of the night
and warm me in the morning
your hug became
my safe home

3 Lines

Your pretty face
is more than I could relate
in this 3 lines and simple rhymes

My heart in your hearts

My heart was no longer mine
since from the first time
that I saw her face
I did not have time to decide
one blink, and I felt something from inside
strong enough to make me feel alive
heart beat: fast, so fast
I expected those hours take days to pass
I cross my fingers, hope to linger this moment
but has passed so fast, still passes so fast…

by luck, she gave to me a chance
to show her my intentions, my temptations
no illusion, only reactions
from my heart talking to my mind
only trues, this can’t be denied
love from first sigh
sigh….slowly sigh…
you made me fly above the sky

from the touch of your lips in my lips
a lot of butterflies
born inside of my belly
and made a wonderfull party
I can still hear the music, I can still feel the dance
I want to dance with you, all night along, until dawn…

Pardon me if I’m sentimental

Pardon me if I’m sentimental
but everytime that I need to say goodbye
my heart stops for a second or two, and my eyes starts to cry
yes, we will stay together soon
but my heart acts like a fool
but…it’s because I miss you
from the exact moment that we kiss for goodbye
to the next moment that I can see you coming to my arms

Above the clouds

From the first time I saw you till now
I know it’s a miracle happening
an angel I saw, don’t ask me how

My eyes are filled with tears
you are so pretty, you makes me forget my fears
with your kiss I reached the sky, above the clouds
with your touch my mind reminds that my body still in the earth
and there’s no need of warning or care
because you are here with me and your touch is all that I need

Needs and feelings are filled here
like flowers in spring, like bright Sun in the summer
and all that I want is another day, another month, another….

Present days and nights

I remember all them lonely nights
drinking to forget, drinking to get high
maybe to fly up the clouds, to touch the skies
to steal the moon, to steal the stars

but, what matters have a thousand stars?
without someone to share the shine, without someone to hold my hand?

I remember all them lonely days
blaming the sun
“why do you keep coming up?”
maybe it’s poison running into my vains…

but, what matters have this conclusion?
without someone to shake me up, telling me “whatta hell is wrong with you?”

And, finally, I remember some hours ago
not a lonely night, not a lonely day
because she is always with me
inside my mind, inside my heart

Now I already have my personal Moon, a sky full of stars
a tight hug, the better place to find safety and warmth

And I do not need to get drunk or blame the Sun…


Girl, you are the place that I want to stay
with something new every time,
the place that I want to see and discover everyday

Girl, you are the sky
that make me look up high
and dream about another kind of life

Girl, you are the fire
that illuminates my darkest night
that warms my soul and my heart, with the soft touch of your hand into my body

Girl, if you doesn’t understand yet
I gonna be straight
you are the one

Sorry if this poem ends
with you freaking out again
but there’s no mistake
You are the one, and I will say it without regret


(For Jackie …. the girl I hope to become my “woman” one day)


It’s dark
and the room is filled by the sound of my heart
he have so many stories to tell
about how you make me feel

You are the fire that don’t stop to burn
this you already know
when you sleep, I sing some songs

And my heart already told
that when you gave me your kiss, when I felt your touch
you burned me inside, destroyed all that damn cold

J… always my J

You send me away, far away
from my old “friend”
J, I want see you tomorrow
hey, I’m sorry, I don’t want to lie or pretend
I want see you now
hug you so tight that we can share our heartbeats
watch you lighting up my way
it’s like you always do
with a smile, a kiss or just looking at you
let’s walk around
without care about
where we’re going, cuz with you I’ll go anywhere
just promise that you will touch my beard, like I love to smell your hair
give me five minutes to lay my head
in your chest, where I find peace and want stay for…
aha, no bad words, but it’s your fault that I miss the rhyme
(just a joke, let’s enjoy this moment and smile)


O céu azul
Se tornou meu mar
Já que no cerrado oceano não há
Mas esse azul se tornou mais intenso
Depois que pude te encontrar
E teus lábios beijar
E esse novo mar
Teu abraço apertado me leva até lá
Que tal juntos descobrirmos até onde vai esse belo oceano
Que tu me apresentou sorrindo enquanto me ouvia dizer “Eu te amo”…