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Listen to… Portishead

Portishead is an English band trip hop, a musical genre based on a measured pace, slow, almost made to take effect any drug that slows down everything and makes time stand slowly …
The band is considered one of the pioneers of this movement, with great vocals of Beth Gibbons and an entire electronic device full of Geoff Barrow of ideas, beyond the great guitarist Adrian Utley.

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Listen to… Distraught

Going back at the idea to share with you the music i listen to, I found it interesting to talk about a band I know absurdly well, since I’ve been “roadie / security / audio technician”.
The band began a more crossover line, mixing hardcore with metal and making some songs in Portuguese, but always with lyrics focusing on social or personal problems.
Some lineup changes led the band’s sound to a more trash line, with strong influences of Slayer and other bands from the famous “Bay area.”
Lyrics about conflict and war, heavy bases and with great solos, with fast and strong drums, Distraught is undoubtedly one of the most interesting bands of the underground scene of Brazil.

Here is one of the songs that I like, I remember that during rehearsals was that I increased the volume in the technical room.

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Listen to… It’s All Red

Metalcore was the Nu Metal of the last generation of metal, a fusion of styles that generated many bands and many followers, but it was somewhat “bad” for the most metal traditionalist generation.
Among numerous bands that were successful, we have Killswitch Engage, Godforbid, Trivium are the main bands of the movement, and have a numerous “copies”.
But also there were great bands that emerge at the end of the mainstream of the movement, and here arises the band I’m going to talk about today …

It’s All Red is a band from southern Brazil, more precisely from Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, whence arise bands of various styles, with an underground scene that was already very strong.

I have also made part of the band in the first formation when does not have a name, but thank’s to heaven there was no record of it – I was horrible, not that I have improved a lot, but at that time I was really terrible.

With strong influences from bands like In Flames, Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall, the band has a sound that can be very private. Below I leave the music link I like. You may notice a series of mudaças in the band, especially in the vocal part, since each release the band has undergone changes in its formation.

The band is currently working a new material since signed with a European label and we will soon have new tracks for headbanging !

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Listen to… In Flames

The band In Flames is originally from Sweden, the birthplace of a movement that began in the ’90s, called melodic death metal. Fast riffs and drums idem, with vocals ranging from the shouted and sung, makes the bands have the most different influences, from Iron Maiden to Metallica.
In Flames is one of the bands that stands out in the genre and one of the most striking for very distinct phases, beginning with a more “death metal” and today with something closer to a “metal rock”, always with great ideas riffs, lyrics about existentialism or personal conflicts, creative batteries and at different pitches, is certainly a band that deserves to be heard with the volume on the stalk!

To those who are still unaware of the band, following four videos that demonstrate how dynamic is the band.

Death Metal era

New Death Metal

“Nu metal era”


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Listen to… Crossfaith

In addition to a ” false poet ,” I am the music producer AlonEvil / BaDream and how every guy involved with music , spend the day listening to bands of various styles , is my beloved Jazz up the strangest sub genres of metal , electronic music, rap … well , I hear a little bit of everything .

Thinking about it , here is the first ” indication ” band that constantly hear more :


This Japanese band has strong influences of metalcore and electronic music , thus making a very modern sound, pulling the heavier side of your influences . This band of Osaka is known for its intense and very interactive performances with the public.


Além de um “falso poeta”, sou o produtor musical AlonEvil / BaDream e como todo cara envolvido com musica, passo o dia ouvindo bandas dos mais diversos estilos, seja do meu amado Jazz até os mais estranhos sub gêneros de metal, música eletrônica, rap… enfim, escuto um pouco de tudo.

Pensando nisso, segue aqui a primeira “indicação” de banda que escuto mais constantemente:


Essa banda japonesa tem fortes influencias de metalcore e música eletrônica, fazendo assim um som bem moderno, puxando para o lado mais pesado de suas influencias. Essa banda de Osaka é conhecida por suas performances intensas e muito interativas com o público.