My heart’s been taken
To another place
Where all the pieces are fixed
Where the beats are loud, can be listen
By miles away, and it’s beat your name
In love, my heart beats poems
Poems that he couldn’t find the words
Because he doesn’t know the meaning
Until, beats using your name to rhyme
Love with goodbye
Sounds weird , like a hushabye
Singing a song
To take us to another place
Where goodbye don’t need to exist


Heavy rain, silence this pain

And this heavy rain
Reminds my last attempt
Of be OK
Silencing  the pain
But some wounds don’t go away
Some scars are here to prove
That mistakes can be an oracle
To guide me to another direction
But sometimes it’s feel like
The path of evil and good
There’s not only rainbows
Sometimes we need to bow down
Other times we need to arise
Our eyes to the sky
Against this goddamn
Proficiency of mess up with everything