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Heavy rain, silence this pain

And this heavy rain
Reminds my last attempt
Of be OK
Silencing  the pain
But some wounds don’t go away
Some scars are here to prove
That mistakes can be an oracle
To guide me to another direction
But sometimes it’s feel like
The path of evil and good
There’s not only rainbows
Sometimes we need to bow down
Other times we need to arise
Our eyes to the sky
Against this goddamn
Proficiency of mess up with everything


Your Smile

Theres a place
that you takes me
its just you blink
and i fall into my knees
praying for one moment more
with you into my arms
asking for more
crying alone
even darkness can’t hide
my dispair when i don’t find
you, your eyes and your smile

Like old movie

I see my life
In black and white
Like old movie
No nominees
Only disagree
Bad actors
No sounds
Only one character
No director
Improvisation, no matter
Nobody cares about this actor
White, bald, full of regrets
Always guilty by his mess
Who cares
About this sad
Stupid melodramatic
Living drama
Full of cliche
Even more full of reality

Your guts full of it

The dirty reality
Lives by your sins
Your guts full of it
Puke full of misery
Your eyes seek liberty
From this dirty reality
Your own illusion
Feeded by envy
Just smile my friend
Life it’s just a game
And you are already

All I See It’s Grey

All I see It’s grey
No matter how many times
I pray, I swear that I gonna change
But everything still grey
No colors, only fade
Like my faith in better days

The Fall

The story about this song is great: a bunch of friends who decided to schedule a studio to play some cover songs. We had chosen “One” from Metallica, but the version of the Korn (why ?! I have no idea …), and one or two songs that I do not remember now. Obvious that this band of vagabonds did not take the chosen songs, and as we had two hours paid test, we decided to try to do something “original”. Born then “The Fall,” the first – and unfortunately – only music from Aloneview.
Read the lyric and try to understand the screams… (yes, it’s me “singing”, 8 years ago… damn…)
Aloneview – The Fall
I see all my life pass front my eyes
and i forget to say goodbye one more time
many screams and pain inside
i hope never feel it again
i see a blind light
it’s an angel or demon to rescue me
(chorus) my sins
make me feel so guilty again
goddamn, i’m alive or dead?
with all my faith i pray
god, save me
everyday the same thing
“why i’m still alive?”
abused hate, just to fell more pain
love, just a word without sense, just a word
without sense, i don’t care
my sins
make me feel so guilty again
goddamn, i’m alive or dead?
with all my faith i pray
god, save me
i can’t breathe with this rope around my throat
bleeding, like a pig for a christmas dinner
love, just a word without sense, just a word
abused hate, just to fell more pain

why the same mistake? (idea for a new song)

Someone please take
someone please take this away
this is something too much heavy to stay
this pain have a name
shame, regress, stupid hate, guilty and blame
Why the same mistake?
why always the same mistake?
My sins, my nails, my wrists bleeding
someone have to agreed
this is not a save way to stay
my mind already blow away
bleeding knees, help me pray

Evil within

Heart broken
Wrong choice
Bad feelings
Time to lose
Without north
Always worse
Evil within
Damn curse
Rapped feelings
Angel without wings
Dead by my own hands

Enjoy my tomorrow

Empty bottle
Heart full of sorrow
Enjoy my tomorrow
Alone, holding my breath
Step by step
Walking inside my head
Maybe its better forget that
Stupid idea
Constantly repeated by my sins
“better you dead

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