I just poured
my last rhyme about a lie
I’m not OK and it I pretty sure that I can’t deny
but I’m not ready to die
so be cool and try to understand the next rhyme
I ready to live, I just feel so tired
of only survive
I want more, I need light
I so bored
of be in another dirty cage full of dark
it’s just my mind?
it’s all that my life
can give?


Frail Words

Remember the words from who speak in tongues
“love the others like you love yourself”
so why da fuck they are the first ones
to throw the stone and judge everybody else

Haters gonna hate V.1.1

Haters gonna hate
I already wrote about it
but, man, this is the kind of shit
that never leave
you ask God about peace
and Satan sends a troop of minions and KPoop bands
the hymn it’s about
“Huironghae paparachi da hanagati moduui”
trust me, you don’t want hear it
(sounds like a Pokemon rhyming against his trainer
it’s weird)
so back to the sick reality
you turn on your TV and have another shit like “Big Brother Whatever”
or your (or our, trust me, they look the same…)president puking
misogeny, racism, joke about weather
climatic changes can burn polars bears
but can’t meltdown the stupidity that being fed by years
youtube channels being the new report
of human mediocraty
I know two or three channels that can make you sick
abnormalities about history, science and religion
they reach you by “lucky” algorithm
twerk up your ass and your fingers
twitter used to send MSG that nobody want read
trending topics about how to be more cooler
makes me feel like I am dead
but, unforthnely, I still breathen….

No problem

Girl, I see no problem
to be the fool
just to listen your laugh
and this makes guarantee that I still in heaven
and I can’t see any problem too
to stay away from the path
that I choose years ago
to find death
Cuz, babe
you came with a light
that guides me to a safe place
that I can call home,
and I find it everynight
beetween your arms


A chillhop playing something without sync
a empty music without heart
but full of meaning
made to touch a mind, not a feeler like me
hypnosis with synthetic things, so sharp that can hurt
wounds maked by our own hands
against the chest,
reach the dead
open up, this coffin that you call breast
you put a farm, full of ants
only candy things can satisfy your hungry
hungry and full of angry
teeths filthy
even lil, insects can dethrone kingdoms
ironic, they don’t eat you or me
we are full of bitter, taste like dead meat
already dead, we vague like zombie
trying to reach another epiphany

Lil J

Jazzy night
rhymes don’t sync, the rhythm changes in a blink
bright like my eye
when I mesmerize
the memory of your smile
I make my rhymes in sync with your walk
and I can’t sound better than my silence
cuz what makes me silent it’s your lips giving me life
so let’s see if you know what I mean
it’s you the best improvising beat that I ever have listened
the soft solo that’s send me away
away from my pain
but, like old school jazz master, you must have a nick name
let’s call you “Lil J”


like branches of an ancient tree
my ideas try to reach the sky
but they die in my neck
suffocated by my own hands
feeling the warm…it’s time to flee?
bad ideas came from nowhere, why?
from heaven to hell, just in one sec
only a goat here to send me a blessing, no lambs
anxiety, depression, depravity
my mind it’s ready to fry
any kind of positive vibe
so, don’t blame me if I don’t look back