Our fate looks like a down spiral
into a madness without end
by one side we have the interlocutors of bible
using sacred words,
speaking in tongues
charming us with rites and choirs
hiding well their sins and choices
from another side we have the freedom of speach
revelations from darkside of the mind right to the heart
blessed by ignorance
of a not needed perseverance
to fight against wills and desires
and the speakers that already sent they to hell


To Replace

to replace a tired
old and lunatic man,
a grandpa of someone with nothing to be proud
who have everything, but still crying loud
“why God still putting me down?
my knees bleed, my wounds are black and blue
in my own tears I can drown”
Sad man, sad one that believe
that his material life is what really matters
that why was so easy to him to sold his soul for a promise to achieve
millions and millions of ackers
matters, crackers, clappers,
whatta hell happen?
Your life pass through your eyes
you get old, full of regrets
without any conquests
a foolish meat without any meaning
just a sinner blamming, screaming
against everyone, against everything


Again, thank you, “neo nihilistists” (If your don’t understand the irony, check out my last poem)

Loathing and lust
their lies sound so sweet
it’s like a dream
everything that I want hear
is what they say
why not trust?
Why we must treat
like demons, the ones who try to feed
mental alienation, lunacy
they use your blood to serve juice
and your gut to hang up you to your choose
they are corrupts, we are stupid
we elect them our saviors,
but they are just anchors
the only utility is to drag us down
epiphany, carthasis that bring us to now
present moment that we give them a crown
reign upon us, dear lords of chaos


Neo Nihilists (or, the idiots that follows stupid presidents instead science)

Neo nihilists without know that they are
they believe that it’s easy to start a war
“everyone against me deserve a bullet and a indigent grave”
they want fight ghosts with ammo
against the obvious flow
these ghosts are they guilty, the rope that they must use
around the neck, ready to slip and hold with strenght
the air that they don’t use to feed the brain
filthy guts, poisoned veins,
they believe that their smile can seduce
I can say without fear to get wrong,
their soul
you can buy by one cent
smell this scent
a mix of bad ideas and shit sentence
what they deserve is something worst than death


Another day in a constant mystery

Another day in a constant mystery
fed by a ephemeral misery
anacronic pandemic out of logic (?)
we can see the loop of death and despair
we can’t hide, we can run, but where?
death is already spread in the air
It’s not a game,
why to blame
bad decisions that we made
hipocrits have the power to decide
beloved ignorants ready to bowdown and applaude



No voice, no choice
wrong turn, no return
into a void
blind by the light
that came from the other side
happier, easy smile
hold your breath for a while
hide your cuts, dry your tears
the can smell your fears
anxiety, depression, ephemeral promisses about nothing
and everything have the same meaning
a hive without a queen
septic tongue
full of venomous words
poison run trought your throat
night full of flies
a mind full of lies
here where you can find
a perfect place to hide


Bloody End

Seeking a reason to leave
to open my eyes and begin to see
the nightmare that we live
zombies everywhere
murmuring only bullshits
pointing fingers to a cold touchscreen
manipulated, manipulation of the masses
embrace the sick truth
we are all condemed
to a constant living nightmare
rotten bodies everywhere
dead souls screaming to deaf
blind leaders guiding us to a bloody end