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Rhymes with vibes

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Whole Fate

Mr. Cohen talks about good guys lost
I hope that I could not
be one of them
cuz I already know how bad it is
be pointed, have the whole fate already set
numb, dumb, mute and done


Oinc Oinc

Let’s take the leader
bleed him like a pig
the pig that he knows that he is
liar, tyrant, hypocrite, sinner
so let’s dig
a big hole, a black hole
to swallow, to destroy, to our bliss
our stupidity
for how long we lost our humanity?

The Bay

I dreamed
about tomorrow
a day with a shine sun
a day full of sorrow
I dreamed
about yesterday
a day full of gray
a blank day
Another way
to stay
out of this state
stay away from the bay
I dreamed about you
talking about truth
of june
when nothing good come from…
In that bay
another lonely day
but someone need fill
the bay of decay

4 US All

Hungry about news
above the fake truth
that nothing remains
to someone like us
without inspiration
only rest, the rest of our boring existence
like a plague, without remedy
there’s no clarity
even with a lighthouse
the darkness remains
we are blind
without a guide
we are all, we are lone
the news sounds so old
the truth sounds so down
below the ground
like the rotten bodies of our oldies
claim about our sins and commidiments, not holy
sins after sins, for you and me
remains only the open eye nightmare, that we insist call “dream”

3 lines of evil truth

Somethings have no meaning
like some hearts, that still beating
even without living

Mny tms

I can tell you
how many times
I asked God why
I still alive
living a constant lie
always trying to deny
that I want feel real
I want feel the real life
without angry, without hate
with real love, loved
like now

Bishops, Priests and Anchors

Bishops, priests and anchors
all they try to do is hold me down to the ground
“you no angel to fly, your wings already have been denied”
“you are just a sinner, suicide thinker”
“no sea, no ocean to you try to drown”
underneath my spike crown
my eyes seeking the heart of calm
but nothing can be found
when only punishment eyes are around
judging you, like the last stand killer
sad to think, sad thinker, inner self filler
hope is the last remaining feeling
new mantra for a dumb dumber
in a deaf world full of blind guiders
no matter, no matter
how hard why try to point the right sinner
the sentence already have been decided
see you in the other side

Noir Halloween

I can’t feel
I don’t want to
fail, fall, unheal
my broken heart,
slow beat, slow like the dance of prom queen
looks like more a halloween
masks everywhere
costumes even without make up and bad hair
sometimes the evening looks like a little noir
it’s only me
talking back my own narrative


Left the unsaid
dying with the poison words through his rotten tongue
bite, bite until have nothing more
to bite, to eat, to destroy with
pleasure, pressure
leave without write a letter
without any single word
silence is gold


Empirical, metaphorical
evil between the word spit and the word speak
no matter how hard it is
we must seek
seek and destroy
the enemy that decoy
our total attention
even knowing our accomplish to retaliation
weak, sick, full of greed
our enemy are fed by our ego and grief
we fed this
from the maturity of our teenage
to the end of our days