I Guess

I guess
do you have a problem that you want share to
have support and a thousand of “likes” and VR hugs, confess
this kind of affection give chills and makes you do
anything that devil whisper and you
cut the strings of selfcompassion
makes a constant humilation to improve your contamination
to brainless that have nothing to give and less to gain
it’s OK, it’s all right, OK?
it’s all that you can say
to do not corrupt your crowd
so, this is the show?
how many followers do you have?
and how much of them stop and listen to ya
yeah, yeah, the sound of silence sounds so sad…



between your last lie
and a request to confide
you must confess
you have a heart
ready to be burned
but that still beat
what hell you did?
sold your soul
for a pound or seven pieces of gold?
you put a price to your honor
and I just can say “too expensive, sir”


Even if could be possible
submit this message directly to your brain
I’m pretty sure you can’t understand,
or even worse, maintain
the essence, the valor of these lines and words
cuz it’s more easy to sit and complain
about the ignorance and inequality
but it’s even worse to think
that you gave the power that they need
to make all this shit happen and keep happening
cuz villains works in silent, remain calm trhoug the storm
sow their seed and sprinkle until this get huge
and makes the shadows that you must aprecciate

Bitter Taste

Find your terms
where they will take you?
comfort zone?
war ensemble and ideas that you want explode?
the fake propaganda of a heaven makes you go insane
take that fake smile and put into your vein
pretend, pretending, smilling,
swallows that bitter tomorrow
remember the chorus, the one about sorrow
you sing this one with closed eyes
deny, deny and try it one more time
the bitter taste of unspoken truth still there
no matter how hard you try
this one, you can’t leave behind

Sounds Creep

Critics don’t follow my flow
cuz it’s straight to their sorrow
the lack of arguments makes them lose the focus
and the target looks like old magic, “hocus pocus”
so let’s send a mensage, let’s make these lines clear
respect you earn, don’t try to buy it like something cheap
it’s sounds creep
it’s sounds weird
but the truth about world it’s so near
easy to see, hard to accept
the truth is: a gray picture, you must put the colours
but this demands blood, this demands tears
this demands effort, struggle
and no one want’s to leave the comfort zone

God’s regrets?

The clearest of my faults
was give voice to the voiceless
imagination to the brainless
and the key to the ones that can’t see
that have no chains around the feet
we are all free
ready to fly
ready to deny
our own wings
cuz envy are the blood that runs
into our veins