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Some Rhymes About Nothing Special

I can’t guarantee
but I can tell to you
what happened to me
promises that don’t last
contemporary promises have a different meaning from the past
words now are so light
that even the most soft wind can
blow a million words away, so fright
I could but I don’t want start another fight
but the truth is that friendship are so shallow
that you can put all your friends in a closet
and it’s won’t look so narrow
like my old aunt always said
“your true friends are your teeth
but even them bite you”
hard to believe, hard to swallow
but the truth is
that aren’t a pack of wolfs
only a old one
the one that you see in the mirror
every morning
every night
the only one that never will leave you behind


Silly, little one

Misunderstood, no matter how many times
I try, try and try
drawing, slowly explaining
you can’t understand, you don’t want
cuz it’s easy to evade
the simple truth that
isn’t you that created
spoiled, indulgent and anoyed
even if you scream, nobody give a damn
you need improve
prove, that you really want
be someone that you never gonna be able to be


Seventy hundred times
no matter how hard I try
if I paint or draw
you still completely blind
deaf, mute, completely
not useful
null, dull, fool
your voice have no power
there’s no choice
stop trying to be part of the modern quote
made maybe by a droid
don’t need panic, don’t ned be paranoid
just shut up and seat
simple like this last rhyme, easy like a trip hop beat
shit, heat, hear, fear
of be just another silly
useful only to fed the greed
of everyone around your pity
simple and shity

Peace Makers?

Peace, in little pieces
cross or bullet
the only format
that hypocrites find to swallow
through your throat, trying to aim your mind
how they can find?
something that they don’t have
sad, so sad
think about a heaven
that won’t gonna receive
half that believe
that deserve it
not a cross is the answer
not a gun will be the peace maker

Hungry of You

Hungry, full of angry
empty like a bag full of dead dreams
like me
without your kiss
bliss, insidious like a morning breeze
my foot trying to find yours
seconds, minutes, hours
our bodies, warm like water
wonder, wander, me like a blotter
without definition, without pattern
I’m not here in this planet
to be another one, just another
than the last companier
that shared his lament
with a dead note
I write, I wrote
about de(e)pression
my possession
about sad things, about bad meanings
but, now I understood
my hungry
fed by my angry
it’s just because
I missed you

Filthee (it’s inside of you)

Cut the shit
stop lying, stop the yelling
the bullshit already hit the top of it
no patience, no need of explanation of this

under the skin
the dirty still

Inner self dirty
easy to point the finger
enemy of what see in the mirror

under the skin
the dirty still

Black soul
consumed by the hollow
of know
the real shit it’s inside of you

From Inside

To end up this darkness
just a light of a single candle
it’s enough
but how to find a single light
if I get lost in the middle of this endless night
no matter how hard I try, I never find
a single spark of light, so I fight
against the hollow, against the fear
that my soul already embraced
maybe I can find a wall near
that I can use to find a switch
to enlight, to make me believe
maybe even make a wish
to never come here again
oh, dear
just a simple moment
to understand
this endless darkness
it’s just inside my head…

Whole Fate

Mr. Cohen talks about good guys lost
I hope that I could not
be one of them
cuz I already know how bad it is
be pointed, have the whole fate already set
numb, dumb, mute and done

Oinc Oinc

Let’s take the leader
bleed him like a pig
the pig that he knows that he is
liar, tyrant, hypocrite, sinner
so let’s dig
a big hole, a black hole
to swallow, to destroy, to our bliss
our stupidity
for how long we lost our humanity?

The Bay

I dreamed
about tomorrow
a day with a shine sun
a day full of sorrow
I dreamed
about yesterday
a day full of gray
a blank day
Another way
to stay
out of this state
stay away from the bay
I dreamed about you
talking about truth
of june
when nothing good come from…
In that bay
another lonely day
but someone need fill
the bay of decay