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You May Not Know

You may not know
but it’s simple to say
that I love the way
that your cheeks approach to your eyes
when you smile…yes, your smile
send me to a place that I want to live
so easy to go
so, please, send me home
smile again, hug me tight
I know that you like, so
I give you a chance to bite
my arm, my head
whatever you want
so, please, send me home
don’t leave me alone
you make me feel so lite
inspires me to write
about how wonderful is
be by your side

Full of Dead Dreams….

Detrimental, sorry, but my lack of attention
it’s mensure like the portion of sincerity
of every line read here, so keep straight to my intention
no need of introduction
it’s quite simple understand these rhymes and argumentation
by my side, the simple truth
the enemy from youth
who want know the bitter taste
that not all dreams gonna be concrete
and a lot of these dreams
will be only waste
of time and energy
don’t look me like i’m the enemy
like I said before, truth it’s by my side
but it isn’t the only truth, the only way
so, don’t be afraid
I’m just saying
that if you already have all the “know how”
how do you can really grow old?
knowing that your childhood dream
about be an astronaut, to go far away
of all this shit, all this pain
will never be a truly posibility
or, be a vocalist
of a metal band that sings about depression and revenge
damn, another dream shit
in my thirties
all that I have is…
a blank page…
full of dead dreams….

Smile…You Still Alive…

One silly smile
but is truly fine?
the last goodbye
sounds more like a “nobody cares”
shy, so shy
to admit that you lied
when you say to
“stay cool
I’m fine
please, left me behind”
So, do you really believe
that it’s easy, just need to shut the eyes
to find the reality
that you can fake your smile
without a judge to shot you guilty
or your inner demons to tear
your skin, to show you from inner
that you still alive

Sonata No. 13, 4 Strings “A lament for a life time”

just leave just as you came
without alarm, without sound
mute like the screams that I shout
I’ve been wandering around
through my scars and sins
I use a knife like a violin bow
my arms, the strings
sound so melodramatic, so sad is this melodie
help me stop this sonata that plays for eternity

Piece of Universe

Left behind
the curtain, the act of being blind
scenes from a fake memory
mirror, the underdog enemy
show up what the mask cant hide
Shut eye
shoot another lie
never lose, like a sniper
with a good rifle
At front
intense darkness
is the bless of ignorance or the true blindness?
from the inside, a lonely grunt
“is this the only chance
of a truly change?”
Shut eye
shoot another lie
never lose, like a sniper
with a good rifle
Evidence, decadence
the eminence of unglorious arrogance
a step forward and a black hole embrace
even light cant escape
how a lot of disaster piece, a great disgrace
will try to dogde this evil sentence?


Air has turned to something heavy
like spikes into your belly
dead butterflies can’t fly
sad moments stand by
a poem without feeling
a pretty line without someone to read it
an intent without meaning
a pray withtout a God to laugh on it

Dirty Floor

A king without crown
No one to follow when you’re on your own
alone, alone
following the flow
of shadows that won’t show
the meaning of this blow
that came from the soul
just to bow down
and seal up
the knees on the ground

Good lier

Thousand times
You told me the same lies
I not good enough
to keep up
sad to confess
You are really good to make a imense mess
now I understand when people say
“a lie told often enough becomes the truth”
become the truth that we can’t hide


Many needs, many rinds
many situations to pretend
that I am deaf and blind

To accomplish…

If I had one wish
simple like this
I choose to vanish
no more suffering
to who I love
no more shit, no more need of dreaming
inside of my head, screaming
how to silence it?
maybe digging a hole
to deep inside of my soul
or a hole, deep enough to cover my dead body
another wish?
to accomplish…