Nvr Stp

It’s past 3am and
i’m still far from sleep,
for how long I must wait and bleed
I cut my fingers, to my blood becomes my ink
my pen will be my hand
bold letters to a unfold moment
not a suicide note or a letter full of lament
it’s just to make me remember that
a good moment don’t need to be forget
even if looks like a living nightmare
if you keep breathing and stay alive
this moment will find a end
keep breathing
keep breathing and walking
take a breath and never stop it



One thought inside my heart
if I tell it to you,
my chest will open apart?
Like a little blossom
ready to die
without the warm from your eyes

Not Guilt

I can give you freedom
freedom from the guilt,
anyway, isn’t your fault
The problem is, like the light of a beacon
the bright of weakness blind even the most brave
no matter what you did, how hard that you built
The ignorance
became the anthem
of the good people klan
But like I already saied, you are free
the free will that your God give to you
is your safe-conduct

Adult time

Simple like a fog
the memory of
a gray night, full of cold hearts and
no dirty words banned
truth became a bedtime story
lies turn into a trip to wonderland
no, it’s not scary
scary it’s face the 11a.m
you breath and fill your lungs with liquor from the dead
dead dreams that they forgotten
to live in a living nightmare
eight hours dedicated
to run after money and attempts
of being what they most hatted
greed, luxury, fancy lunch, zombie events
how much from your soul you will spend
to understand
that this crap don’t need to be the end?


Mockingbird, about what is your sing
about starts and meanings
about ends and missings
from the summer, came the memory
of warm Sun, about a love that’s come undone
every heart must be broken
to every single note
that came from the sad wind of the autumn
have sense
lonely nights, coffe for one at breakfast
at last
winter came, and with this terrible friend
the memory that remain
the bittersweet pain
of that last kiss
that you just can live
in your dreams
even the most pretty flower and sun rising
can’t put at your face a smile


Left behind
like a man that became blind
by the light of the alternate reality
that been accepted after brainwash
dear, you have been nailed
by your sins and deeds
oh gosh
you can’t be more posh
looking forward
trying to get what you forgot
the essence of what you are
or what you was to be
a better pearson, a better reason
to everyone that puts you in this prision