Test me
erase from my memory
that morning without sun
a intense fog
smoke from a gun
that shoot that I miss
the blink from the bliss
Taste me
erase from my tongue
that bitter moment
a intense fragance
of dead essence
my decadence
my last goodbye


Evil have many ways
to find a gap
and silent, enjoy the moment
to corrupt your mind
to change your side
candy flips, bad trips
lonely sing from a dead bird
nobody here to touch
only me and a dead world


Dizem para não se revoltar
mas como não voltar
a mesma insistente necessidade
de falar a verdade
não me diga que não te agride
ter de parecer com aquele astro de TV
ou a “bela” da capa da revista
existe mesmo essa realidade?
então resista, invista
faça da sua mente sua fortaleza
aumente sua real riqueza
seja a diferença
seja negra, gordo, anorexica
não importa tua crença
mas seja parte da diferença
então resista, invista
não faça parte da massa
seja aquele que derruba o que manipula
alguns não tem culpa
de seguirem o fluxo, a mão oculta
como teias de aranha, enrroscam
te prendem, sufocam
mas não desista, resista
então resista, invista


My shadow moves like a butler
ready to serve, ready to disappear
I just need to blink
and I can’t see him around here
but I never being alone
his presence, his eminence
still around here, like a rope
around my neck, ready to choke
deep breath,
fill my lungs with dispair
one more dose of poison, more air
and, watching me, seated in a gold chair
my shadow, my oldest friend
laughting, crying, waiting
the moment to set free

Y (old and not gold LOL)

There’s a black cloud overhead
bad feelings, bad mood everywhere
point fingers leading to nowhere
exit looks so distant, forget the peace that you had
chaos here and there
agony ready to drink, pain tastes like a meat
just one more day, living in simplicity
simplicity, empty, simplied, empty
dignity, ingity, mediocrity
empty, empty, void full of angry

(lyric to my first band =P )


Then I’ll fly
away from this dry river
away from these lines of pain
rhymes about dead feelings and new way
to find a way out of this plane
I change my stride
set the pace, find a place to hide
the new moments that will guide
my pen to write


Like a ism
fanatics sing the hymn
about how he can save them
bullets and guns
a bible as a shield
words more sharp than a razor
can penetrate without endeavor
even with a light of a thousand suns
the darkness that these acts bring
can’t be beaten without resistence
resist, resit, insist,
resist, resit, end it