Guilty by

I’ll accuse myself
guilty by the pleasure
of being sad, mad, stand
in the same place that you can find
a paper, ink,
letters about dreams and nightmares
sketches about me and a perfect place
where pain doesn’t exist
God, the real one
don’t need to think about punishment
and us don’t need to pray and live in constant lament
about the maleficant
moment that God look down and choose one of us
to prove his existence
excuse, excuse
I’m realy sorry, but this place
have no meaning to exist
and even if could
you would not be invited, sinner like you are
this place would burn faster than a simple blink


Ugly Sketch

We love each other with indifference
living in glorious decadence
always waiting the moment of blessed ignorance
that will save us all from the apocalyptic moment
lament, sure a moment of lament
when we discover that paradise it’s just a poectic freedom
from someone with a little more wisdom
that use pretty words to describe
something that we never will reach, never can find
but, where is it? Hided?
No, just to much far from this sick reality
that we built with shallow dreams, small talk
attempt to betray every moment, every single opportunity
to make us look like a ugly sketch of something bad
sad, realy sad


Zombie Inc.

Like a worm hunting a warm place
to keep the unique thing that have sense
the will of living, the need of breathing
you just keep searching
the perfect match, the (sick word) “crush”
sad to say, or glad to not be part of this
I must say “keep going”
what could be more important
than find heat to warm your cold chest
a hug to protect you from the evil nest
that are this real deadly world
gone, sold, gold, poled
stuck in a river
made by your own tears
so let’s toast for this, cheers
like a worm that need live
you choose to be
just another pathetic zombie
without meaning, just hunting bodies in a touch screen



Take a second or two
maybe it’s sounds like new
but I don’t know if you already knew
but this shit
it’s about you
like an baobab you grew
strong, hard to hit
more strong you became
this damn thing looks like a game
that I tired and bored to play
but, who give a damn, anyway?
nobody can see, nobody want know about it
it’s only about you and me
my bitter oldest companion


Asked me

Laments, scary, lonely like
that night
that you asked me why
you felt betrayed by
someone that you love
without need of word
I hugged you and said
“if in silent you feel it’s right
in silence we remain until sun rise again
but this urge pain, my friend
only a deep look inside your wound
made only by you
will tell you the truth
if this pain is passenger
or the anger
will blind you, and
sent you to a fake wonderland”

this story don’t found an end
but the silence beetwen us
already speaks about…



Sad boy, silly boy
old story
same characters
so seat, enjoy
you just need shout
and everybody will look out
even if you don’t have nothing special
you know how to sell this shit all
a yellow smile
a fake hug for awhile
you conquer the trust
and give a damn about the lust
make the others dreams became dust
sad boy, silly boy
think that can be a man
just becase you think?
believe me, isn’t so easy
but, it’s your decision still be silly