Nostalgia still alive
I still remember the smell
of the dirty cup, the warm wine
many laughs, no need of wondering why
just another short night
many poems, many rhymes
yes, we try
many bands, many screams and cryes
cheap drugs and a lot of cigarettes
who need deep breath when hits thirtys?
suicide letters already written, waiting to be readen
when I hit twenty five I felt like a waste of time
but the flow still keeping me forward
and sound sad to say
but nostalgia is all that I have
from a good moment from my life


When the honest save their own honorable souls
after to judge us all
guilty, for sure
we don’t hold their hands, we just stole
their rule of this world
with a simple cold screen, with just a few touchs
we create a sinthectic God
how many we wanted, furled
unholy, but pretty, ready to be loved
we gave our souls to a endless black hole
the honorable souls are ready to take the control
of this dead real world?

Will be only me?

Hovering above my head
have a heavy cloud
full of tears, ready to fall

Failed in put an end
ready to start again
undead, undead

Water falling, rain
alone, waiting
one second without pretending

No smile, not for awhile
wondering, wandering
like the cloud above me

This is the end?
no more suffering
no more need of material thing

Will be only me?


For how long we get lost
fulfilled by many thoughts
our mind plays hide and seek
hoping that it never end quick
cos the truth is
never easy to swallow
cos it’s so easy to find the hollow
a place full of sorrow
maybe, tomorrow
this line will make sense
in a cold morning, less dense
with a hot cup of coffee
warm like that hug,
strong like a tug
ready to throw you up
like the sense of fall in a dream
so, maybe finally you will understand
that the hollow place
isn’t inside your head
it’s in the middle of your chest…


If this will be my last breath
I must believe that it’s useful
so I use this last second
to talk about what make me smile
not about what fed my anger, what is painful
my smile comes easy when I remeber the first night
that I stayed with ya, looking to your lips, being greatful
to God, because he gimme a chance to be with you
holding your hand already looks beautiful
with that sweet kiss you send me to heaven
here, I have no question
you are the reason of my ascension
from limbo to a true meaning, the save of my soul
don’t need be so shy, you know that it’s all right
the truth, sometimes
sound so heavy, but it’s just the truth, so let’s this light
bright, like your smile
being my lighthouse