Filthee (it’s inside of you)

Cut the shit
stop lying, stop the yelling
the bullshit already hit the top of it
no patience, no need of explanation of this

under the skin
the dirty still

Inner self dirty
easy to point the finger
enemy of what see in the mirror

under the skin
the dirty still

Black soul
consumed by the hollow
of know
the real shit it’s inside of you

From Inside

To end up this darkness
just a light of a single candle
it’s enough
but how to find a single light
if I get lost in the middle of this endless night
no matter how hard I try, I never find
a single spark of light, so I fight
against the hollow, against the fear
that my soul already embraced
maybe I can find a wall near
that I can use to find a switch
to enlight, to make me believe
maybe even make a wish
to never come here again
oh, dear
just a simple moment
to understand
this endless darkness
it’s just inside my head…